Monday, March 5, 2012

El Mirador, Jean Maxwell

Zara Flynn is an ambitious young architect, the daughter of renowned construction owner Tristan Flynn. When Tristan is killed in a jobsite disaster, Zara inherits both Flynn Enterprises and the problem of El Mirador, an abandoned hotel remnant located on a piece of ocean front property on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Upon arriving in Spain she is forced to put her grief over her father’s death aside and try to step into her new role as CEO. When the circumstances around her father’s death raise questions and problems begin to arise around the rebuilding of El Mirador it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems.  Thankfully she meets a older couple vacationing in the area that act as her surrogate parents comforting her in her time of need and she has her families long time chauffer to lean on.  While others scheme to steal her inheritance and she tries to navigate this tricky situation a sexy Latin pop star tries to seduce her. But her work takes precedent and she continually finds herself working together with handsome, sexy engineer David Parker.  As they get closer to the answers surrounding her father’s death and El Mirador, Dave and Zara get closer to each other until their attraction ignites a romantic passion worthy of the Spanish heat. Dave's sense of humor and charm prove to be a welcome distractions to all the drama in Zara's life and she quickly learns that laughter and love could be the best antidote to all of life's struggles. They must work together to race to discover the truth in time to save themselves and protect her legacy.

Although this story falls into the romance category it does not have the typical romantic buildup that you might expect.  The story is much more of a mystery piece with the plot to take down her company being a large percentage of the story line.  Ms. Maxwell develops the two villains a great deal and let’s the reader know just has extensive their scheme is, spending a good deal of the story writing from their perspective.  This makes for a great intricate plot but does not allow for the typical romantic buildup time that you might be expecting.  When the couple does come together it is romantic and very touching but seems rather all of the sudden.  Having said that the story is very well written and complex keeping the reader anxious to see what happens next.  There is nothing predictable about how things turn out.  Most of the characters end up playing much larger roles than anticipated and are not who they first appear.  If you like a story with a complicated plot and surprise ending then this will not disappoint.  A tad more chapters added to the romantic build up and this would easily have garnered our coveted 5 strawberries but even so this is a strong 4.  Very well written.  Exciting plot and charming characters.  The passionate scenes between Dave and Zara do not dispoint.  What better way to spend a cold afternoon then on the shores of sunny Spain?

RATING:  4 chocolate dipped strawberries served a frozen Margarita with Salt, Zara’s favorite.
This book was given to us by Jean Maxwell. Many thanks.

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  1. Thank you Christy for your insightful review! So glad you enjoyed it. JM


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