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EXCERPT: Nobody's Angel

RESCUE ME series by Kallypso Masters

Here's an excerpt from Nobody's Angel. Angelina Giardano has invited Marc D'Alessio and Luke Denton, two search-and-rescue team members who "rescued" her the night before at a bar, to her home for a gourmet meal as a reward. They find her blood-covered and bruised and decide they aren't leaving her alone until her abusive ex-boyfriend is arrested and behind bars.

Marc recognizes her as the woman he rescued at his BDSM club a month earlier, but she was in subspace and doesn't recognize him. In this scene, he's hoping to convince her not to give up on BDSM or hide her submissive nature, although he isn't looking for a relationship. Besides, he knows she's meant for his SAR partner Luke, not Marc. So, he fights the attraction, at the same time trying to help her see that she's submissive. BDSM isn't about sex, it's about control.

Until he meets Angelina, where he suddenly has an urge to break his self-preservation rules. The two are alone in Angelina's bedroom, sitting on her grandmother's bed when he asks her what her fantasies are and she begins to tell him a little about the night at the club—but nice Italian girls don't go to clubs like that, so she's hemming and hawing over how to tell him what she saw and where. Enjoy!

Inspiration for the characters
Marc & Angelina
Angelina's heart thudded against her chest. What had possessed her to tell him something like that?
 "Oh, cara. I can't tell you how sorry I am that happened to you." He held her tightly, placing his chin on the top of her head and enveloping her in his strength and warmth.
 "Let's put that fantasy and bad memory on the back burner for now. Tell me about another fantasy. One you haven't experienced yet. Perhaps something you've read about…or even seen."
 "Um, there was this one time when…I was at a private club in Denver."
 "What kind of private club?"
 Oh, she didn't want to admit she'd gone to a kink club. "Um, one where adults…couples mostly…do...things to each other."
 "Just what kinds of things do they do?" She could have sworn by his voice he was smiling, but didn't want to pull away from his comforting arms to confirm her suspicions. Just what did he find so funny?
 She sighed. "Well, pretty much anything you can imagine."
 "I can imagine a lot, pet."
 Oh, damn it all, apparently the man had never been inside one before. He was going to think she was a slut, but obviously, she was going to have to tell him now. He was like a dog with a bone. "Promise you won't think badly of me?"
 "It's rather difficult for me to promise when I don't know what you've done yet."
 Well, what did she expect, unconditional love from a near stranger? One who happened to be cuddling her on his lap on the edge of her bed? Oh, Nonna. I hope you aren't watching! Angelina decided to just spit it out.
 "I…We were…in a kink club." She held her breath and steeled herself.
 "Ahhh, I see. What was it like?"
 He certainly didn't seem to be judging her. But he wanted her to talk about it? Oh, God. This just got worse and worse on the embarrassment scale.
 "I didn't see much."
 She realized she'd unbuttoned his shirt and her fingers played idly with the springy chest hairs in the vee of his shirt. She didn't want him to think she'd gone to a sleazy one, though. "It seemed like a nice place. Karla, she was the club's singer, was very kind to me after…well, later. She brought me home. And the club's owner, Master Adam, was very nice, too."
 His hand stopped stroking her hair. "Were there any other nice people you met there?"
 "No. Mostly I just watched."
 After a moment, his hand began stroking her again, but she felt tenseness in his body. Maybe he was judging her.
 "What did you see?"
 "There were several couples in the great room who were engaging in different…activities."
 "Which activities interested you?"
 Her mind returned to the main room of the club where one of the Doms had caught her attention while Allen was filling out guest papers on her. The Dom wore a Harley-Davidson jacket with the tail of a dragon tattoo curled around his bicep, the rest of the mythical creature disappearing under the vest. Very lethal looking—both the dragon and the man, who held a coiled whip against his leather-clad thigh.
 "There was a Dom with a whip." She felt Marc's body tense even more, but wasn't sure if it was the mention of the Dom or the whip that bothered him. Well, he asked, so she was going to tell him what she liked. "Kneeling before him was a blonde woman who looked up at him adoringly, waiting for him to do…well, whatever he wanted to do, I suppose." The man had a whip, for Christ's sake!
 "Did the whip excite you?"
 She pulled out of his arms, bumping his chin against her head in her haste to get away, but she wasn't going to let him get the notion she was into whips. "God, no! Don't even go there!"
 He relaxed visibly and smiled. "Duly noted, gattina."
 Angelina felt the tension leave her, as well, and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly. He seemed as relieved as she was, although she had no idea why.
 "So, tell me what it was about the Dom/sub that interested you so much."
 She blushed. It was pretty lame as far as fantasies went, but she'd been so turned on by the two. "He put his middle finger deep into her mouth and, with the other fingers and the thumb of his hand, he…I guess you'd say caged her chin, forcing her mouth open." Angelina felt herself getting wet just remembering. She shrugged and smiled.
 "Do you know what it was about the scene that excited you?"
 She shook her head. "I'm not sure. It just did."
 She lowered her gaze to his bare chest where her fingers were buried in the light sprinkling of his black chest hairs. She liked touching him. He waited, expecting more of an answer, she supposed.
 "The woman's expression was…well, she looked up at him with such, I don't know the word—adoration maybe? Devotion? Trust?" She swallowed. "Or maybe it was the way he took control of her mouth like that. Of her." She shivered. "I don't know, but it blew me away."
 Marc's gaze went to her mouth and Angelina's clit throbbed in response as if he'd taken control of her mouth the way the tatted Dom had done with the blonde at the club. She squirmed on his lap. Her gaze locked on his mouth. She wanted him to kiss her again, only rougher than he'd kissed her last night.
 She'd never tried to seduce a man, usually letting him make the first move. But then she wound up with guys like Allen. If this wasn't the opportunity of a lifetime—sitting in the lap of one of the sexiest men she'd ever met—there might never be another one.
 Her fingers glided across his chest, stroking his firm pecs and wishing he wasn't wearing a shirt. His muscles were hard, too, and tight. She brushed the nail of her thumb across his nip and felt it grow even harder, but not as hard as his penis pressing against her bottom.
 He stilled her hand by pressing it against his chest. "Cara, you're playing with fire."
 She searched his eyes. "What are your fantasies, Marc?"
 His lips curled into a smile, but his eyes remained hard. "I don't think I'll be in town long enough to tell you about all of them."
 "Which fantasy would you like to fulfill with me?" Had she just asked that? What had gotten into her? She'd never been brave, or brazen, in her life.
 Angelina felt his rejection like the jab of a knife into her chest. Oh, God! What had come over her? She wasn't some sex goddess men fantasized about. Since Friday night, he'd made her feel so…beautiful and desirable. How had she misread his interest so badly?
 Embarrassed, she tried to get off his lap. She needed to get away. "I'm sorry. I don't know what…"
 His arm tightened around her waist and he held her forearm to keep her in place. "Remain still."
 His tone of voice made her freeze in place, causing her stomach to fall about six inches, leaving her breathless. She blinked against the stinging in her eyes, nothing compared to the stinging blow to her ego. He took her chin and turned her to face him.
 He seemed to struggle within himself for a moment, then a determined look flickered in his eyes and he looked down at her mouth. She felt his penis throb against her butt and held her breath, then his fingers wrapped around her jaw and he stared into her eyes. His thumb pressed against her lower lip. Never breaking eye contact, he pushed at her lower teeth until her jaw slackened, then his thumb invaded her mouth. Her clit jolted in response and she gasped. Her breathing increased as she felt her body respond to this show of control.
 Marc's thumb went deeper inside her, pressing against her tongue. He continued to watch her eyes as if waiting for some response. Her clit began to pulsate as if he'd touched her. He smiled. Surely he hadn't felt it, too.
 Her mind went back to the Denver BDSM club in Denver. Angelina wrapped her lips around his thumb and sucked, just as the blonde had done. His smile faded and when he began to remove his thumb, she used her teeth to apply gentle pressure and keep him from moving. This fantasy wasn't over yet.
 As if he came to some decision, Marc's thumb and fingers caged her chin and opened her mouth wider. She could have sworn her uterus just spasmed, because that spot in her lower belly grew warm and tingly, her muscles melting like butter. The very act of touching her this way was so primal.
 So…dominant. She sucked air into her lungs, realizing that was exactly the reaction he'd intended. Her gaze remained locked with his. Why hadn't she realized all along he was a Dom? He'd taken control of his surroundings from the moment they'd met—of Allen, even Luke to an extent, and most definitely of her. Mio Dio, she hoped he wouldn't be able to tell the effect he had on her. She didn't want to be submissive to anyone ever again.
 He smiled. Damn him. He knew she was turned on by his he-man display of authority over her. Then his thumb was gone and his hand gripped her lower jaw opening her further as his mouth came down hard against hers. His other hand went to the back of her head, gripping her hair as he tilted her head back, forcing her mouth open further. As if she could have denied him access at this point.
 His whiskers scratched her cheek and chin, sending flashes of sizzling energy in a beeline to her clit, which began to throb in earnest now. His tongue plunged inside her thoroughly restrained mouth, plundering her. He knew she no longer had the will to resist him.
 Marc sucked her tongue into his mouth, released her, then invaded her mouth again. When he pulled his tongue out to let her breathe, he captured her lower lip between his teeth and tugged, once again looking deep into her eyes. She released a breathless gasp. Not wanting to reveal whatever he was reading in her eyes any longer, she closed them. He bit her lip indicating his displeasure, not breaking the skin but hard enough to sting, bringing tears to her eyes. She opened her eyes again and he smiled in victory.
 His hand skimmed teasingly down her jaw, over her blouse leaving a wake of gooseflesh, only to grasp her nipple through the fabric and roll it hard between his fingers, sending her hips jolting upward in response.
 Angelina pulled away, panting, and stared into the deep green pools of his eyes. Her chin burned where his whiskers had abraded her skin. Chest heaving, she tried to regain control, as if she ever could have control in this man's presence.
 He released her and pulled away.
 "Wow. How did you do that?"
 He laughed. "Do what, pet?"
 "Go all Dom like that. Take control." Turn me on more than I've ever been before.
 Gentle now, his thumb stroked her cheek, avoiding the area where Allen struck her. He brushed his thumb pad over her swollen lower lip, sending more jolts to her pussy. She realized his hand still held her head by the hair and her clit responded as if touched.
 "Did you like that?"
 Well, hell to the yes, I did. "I'm not submissive."
 "Answer the question."
 "Mmm-hmm." She felt her face go hot and glanced away.
 "Look at me." He waited until she complied, and she was powerless to do anything else. "Why does being submissive scare you so, cara?"
 "I trusted someone once. He…broke that trust."
 "He wasn't worthy of your trust. Will you trust me to help you break free from that memory?"
 Trust him? A knot formed in her chest. Allen had ruined her for being able to trust any man again. Even someone she was attracted to, like Marc.

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