Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Humpday hello! Take it to the brink...with Ink Master!

Greetings and salutations Humpday Nation! We are here, smack dab in the middle of another week from....March! I know, we are mere days from the full moon again and I should be bitching about the crazy patients and the nutty things people do all because of that dang full moon but we are finally March, the best month of the year (the month of Tyra and Jenn - split 50/50) and I just can't seem to get to bent about the impending full moon zaniness! Spent a lovely weekend catching up on the second season of Downton Abbey (love those repressed Brits - so stinkin hot, all upstairs/downstairs and such) and then flipped over to Queer as Folk (bday pressie for Ms. T!) Frosting on the cake was finale of Ink Master last night - ahhhhh, my precious Shane O'Neill won! So hot, so talented. Even though, I would have loved Tommy Helm too (Kim probably loved him best cause of the whole bald head and sweet smile, that is when she wasn't lusting over Dave Navarro), today's eye candy celebrates that hottie from PA who is now $100K richer, right?!?!?! I see a field trip to PA sometime ladies.....hmmmmmmmmm

So this week I've been all over the map with the reading so I thought I'd give you a bit of what's on my TBR and what I am reading now.....

Finished the rest of Kallypso Masters series...snotted my way through Nodbody's Hero, Adam and Karla's book - lord Jesus that one was hard and so cannot wait for Damien and Savi's book in May.....Nobody's Perfect has already been pre-ordered.

Currently reading Dark Frost, the next in the Jennifer Estep Mythos Academy series. Due out in May, we are excited to be able to preview this and will review very soon! (I fully admit to full blown whiplash going from hardcore BDSM erotica to YA but it's my thing - told ya I was all over the map.)

Just bought the Darkest Seduction, book 9 in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. I have been waiting eons for Paris' story and hoo-boy, I think old Wrath possessed Sienna Blackstone may come out on top!

I'm on the third of the Molly Harper's Jane Jamisen vampire series - Nice Girls Dont Live Forever - listening to those on my ipod while driving to and from work every day! They are a hoot - great narration by Amanda Ronconi, who has that Half Moon Hollow Kentucky accent down cold! I love angsty, funny chick lit and it really helps me gear up for a day in the crazy land of healthcare and wind down on the ride home so I can be a human again for my family! Book four, Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors was just released last week (same day as the new Gena Showalter) - don't these publishers know what they are doing to me with all these simultaneous releases?????

Also took advantage of the super cool e-book week specials by snagging up half off specials of Cat Johnson's latest (to me at least), Beneath the Surface and Valentine Cowboys both came out last month and since she's a definite auto-buy writer for me, I just haven't had time to tackle the ever growing list but I am ever hopeful that the laundry will wait and I am pretty glad I taught the kids to make Ramen for dinner cause some nights a gal just needs to come home, crash in her momma bear chair, put her feet up and read a good book (or two)!!!!!!

Almost finished with latest Stephanie Rowe, Alaskan Heat series, Chill - so good! She is an amazing storyteller - just the right balance of suspense, romance and action - kind of like making the perfect chili, you have to have the right level of spice and try to avoid the unnecessary hot air (snicker)....also have the third in her Soulfire series Hold Me If You Can. It's darker than her Immortally Yours series but has me in such a thrall I can't get enough....she's an auto-buy you have to check out!

I will try to sneak some of these reviews in the next couple weeks but with all the woo hoo celebrating that we tend to do this month - sometimes fun just has a way of derailing things! Join us if you want, pour some wine - raise your glass and celebrate your guilty indulgence every day however you see fit!

I eagerly anticipate many chocolate dipped strawberries for all of the above!!!!
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