Friday, April 6, 2012

Flower Garden Friday

It's April! Everyday gets me closer to May and summer. I survived the weeks of parties with flying colors. I loved every minute of it. I told Tyra this morning I have so many cupcake recipes that I'm dying to try that I may have to have a wine and cupcake pairing. LOL I think that sounds like a brilliant idea! The more I think about it the better it sounds. Warm weather, wine, cupcakes and family. What could be better than that? NOTHING! In between all my recipe reading here is what was playing on the Kindle this week......

Submissive Beauty by Eliza Gayle
Eager to understand her secret desires, Gabrielle enters “The Sanctuary.” Inside she’s immediately torn between fear of the unknown and a craving to learn more, until the lights dim. From the first sound of Thomas’ calm and controlled voice, she is mesmerized. With an underlying need in her emotional spirit that requires more than sex, she is easily seduced into a world of dominance and submission under false pretenses.

For Thomas, an experienced Master, Gabrielle is an interesting mix of defiant, naive and submissive. Her sharp mind and wit appeal to him as much as the curves of her lush figure. He accepts the challenge to help train her despite the danger she represents. Long term anything for him is out of the question. If he does his job right, his protégé David will end up the perfect Dom for her and Thomas will move on with his armor intact.

Their journey puts Gabrielle at the mercy of two men who teach her how to embrace her darkest needs within a tight bond of trust. Unfortunately, betrayal lurks on the path to total surrender.

Ok it's time to come clean about my feelings about BDSM. I enjoy reading the stories. I just know that is not the life style for me. Tyra and I were talking this morning about what bothers me so about BDSM and I think it's the whole being submissive thing. There is no way I could have someone tell me what to do. I don't follow directions well. LOL I realize most of the time it's the submissive that holds the power in the relationship but I sometimes don't see it. I can see the Dom and submissive thing in the bedroom but outside of that...... I'm not feeling it. But I do like reading about the life style. To learn more and better understand. As long as you're happy that's all that really matters. This story was a happy medium for me that I think is my favorite one yet. I think Gabby is extremely brave. I couldn't jump into her situation like she did. I would probably run away screaming. She's a very trusting person especially after a bad marriage. Thomas and David are understanding they continue to let her live her life and enjoy her garden. I now look at hanging out outdoors in a whole new way! If you're thinking about trying out a BDSM book this is a super one to start with.

I give this book 3 chocolate dipped strawberries and a life time supply of bubble bath because after all that "activity" you gotta relax and regroup!

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win an e-book from Eliza Gayle!

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