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BRIDES of the Kindred Book Three: Sought

It's Tuesday again, and I survived another busy weekend. Not only did we have the subdivision wide yard sale but we had the Run, Hit, and Pitch competition all on Saturday! Why does everything have to happen on the same day? Of course you know that means I spent my Sunday doing laundry and cleaning house trying to get caught up with everything. I guess now would be a great time for me to mention that I would love to someone come and clean my house for a Mothers Day gift? I don't need someone full time but say once every other month would be great!

We have another new to me author this week, Evangeline Anderson and her Brides of the Kindred. What a unique and interesting series. I hope you all take the time to read this series and you know my thoughts about these things....read them in order or you will make my head pop off. LOL

Brides of the Kindred - Book 3 Sought by Evangeline Anderson
Kat O’Connor is no pushover. She’s a no nonsense girl with a commonsense approach to life. But there’s nothing common about what’s happening to her lately…
First she was forced to have a kinky mind ménage with two of the hottest and most irritating men in the galaxy—Twin Kindred warriors, Deep and Lock—in order to locate her kidnapped friend. Then she couldn’t get their feelings out of her head. And now she’s on her way to their home planet, Twin Moons, to find a cure for the debilitating illness their unorthodox joining caused, when all she really wants to do is go home.
Locks Tight, the light twin of the two, is already in love with Kat. Her curvy plus-sized body is the epitome of beauty on his home planet and her sharp mind makes her doubly attractive. But though he fell for her the moment he saw her, Twin Kindred are unable to mate a woman alone. Lock knows nothing can happen between them without his brother…
Stabs Deep. The dark twin has a secret agony in his past—a tragedy he feels he and he alone is to blame for. He too, hungers for Kat, but he hides his fear of rejection behind an impenetrable wall of angry sarcasm. For if he lets anyone get too close, the unbearable pain he has already endured once may happen again.
Now Kat and her twin warriors are on a quest—but they’re all looking for different things. Kat wants to find a way to dissolve the half-formed bond between them so she can be alone in her own head again. Lock wants to convince both her and his brother to complete the bond which will keep them together forever. And Deep is trying to protect his heart and love Kat from afar…though it grows more and more difficult to deny the hunger he feels for her growing inside him.
Their travels will take them from the uncharted wilds of Twin Moons to the Deadworld of the Scourge home planet. Will Kat find a cure for having other people’s emotions crowding her mind? Will Lock convince his brother and the woman they both love that they’re all meant to be together forever? And will Deep ever unshield his heart long enough to let Kat in?
You’ll have to read Sought, the third book in the Brides of the Kindred series, to find out...

Ok let me just start by saying that I LOVE the names that all of the twins have in this book. Some of them are just hysterical and some of them are quite suggestive. And who doesn't love a race where large voluptuous women are revered. Also something you all might want to keep in mind if you ever visit an alien planet....DON'T EAT THE FRUIT!

What an incredibly inventive, detailed world that Ms. Anderson has created. I truly believe that the world building that fantasy/sci-fi authors do has to be some of the hardest kind of writing out there. You have to create not only the character's and story-lines but also all the the rules and customs that go with each being. And then you have to remember all of that from book to book. I always imagine their offices being covered in post-it notes with little reminders written all over them. And while this is a fantasy book the romantic and relationship elements are so strong you kind of forget how fantastical everything around them is.

I loved the concept that all of the twins had a light and a dark persona that not only was a personality trait but carried over to their coloring as well. I know that the boys had suffered a tragic loss that Stabs Deep (see what I mean about the names) blamed himself for but there were times though when I just wanted to shake him because he was so incredibly stubborn. But the in the next paragraph Kat was just as bad about not admitting hers. Although when you learn of Kat's home life growing up her reluctance to join her life with anyone is much more understandable. The only sane one in the bunch was Locks Hard.

The overarching story line progresses with the introduction and kidnapping of Lauren. The interaction between Xarin, a member of the Scourge, and Lauren was interesting to read and makes you wonder what is going to happen next. There were also several scenes involving the previous books character's which was great to see how their lives are progressing.

Sought is an emotional story with romance, adventure, drama, and scorching hot menage sex. It will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings and is a great addition to the ongoing saga of the Kindred Brides.

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RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.


  1. Wonderful book. Deep was too die for!

  2. I loved Deeps personality how dark and broading he is. And dont eat the fruit lol.

  3. Those have to be some of the most suggestive names, LOL! I'm intrigued!

  4. Love The Book Cant Wait To read It. I Totaly Agree With You. butterfli262002@yahoo.com

  5. I love this entire series! It just keeps getting better and better.

  6. I liked Kat's character, even beginning in the book before this one (Hunted) where she first meets her men.


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