Thursday, June 7, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Let's Keep On Truckin'

Welcome Laci Paige 
to Guilty Indulgence Book Club! 
It almost feels a shame we couldn't have a glass of wine ocean-side since we live so close. But alas, the internet will suffice. Here's the details on Laci's book... we just got our copy and are currently reading it - we'll pop up a review as soon as we can but so far, so (very) good. Won't you read along with us?  And take a moment to COMMENT and ENTER TO WIN an eBook copy of Let's Keep on Truckin'. 

Decadent Publishing 

Let’s Keep on Truckin’
Author: Laci Paige
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 14,000 words
Genres: Chick-Lit, Contemporary Erotic F/M/M Romance

Lily loves traveling on her job since no one can do it better than her. Being out on the open road gives her plenty of time to reflect and avoid unwanted attention, but somehow it always finds her....
When she comes across Ryder, first at a grocery store, then at a rest stop, sexual desire sparks and she knew she had to have him. If only her ex hadn't shown up, igniting a fantasy she never thought possible.
Seeing Alex in a whole new light, Lily realizes second chances are in order, but will she have to choose between the two men? Or could she be happy with both?

In the candy aisle, I felt someone looking at me. Turning my head, I gazed past a man standing near me. A very nice looking man, but I ignored him, or at least I tried to. His green eyes locked on mine. Warmth and tingles spread throughout my body causing my knees to go weak. The man’s face held sharp features, and his sultry lips rewarded me with a demure smile. I would’ve loved to feel them on mine. He stepped closer to me. My heart rate spiked. Nodding to the shelf in front of us, he focused in on something and reached for it. He stopped mid-reach, and our gazes met again. His arm lowered. I know I couldn’t look away, and I had a feeling he couldn’t either. I bit my bottom lip, and I saw him take notice. He leaned in close to me, mouth parted to speak.
“Excuse me,” a voice requested. We stepped away from each other so the woman behind us could retrieve candy from the shelf. She sure took her time. Separated by the woman, I kept glancing over at the man. He, too, continued to gaze my way. There was something about him; he made something stir inside me.

About the Author
When Laci’s not reading or writing she can be found spending time with her husband and supporting their children. Laci enjoys camping, hiking, photography and scrapbooking. They currently reside in Hampton Roads, VA.

Simply make a COMMENT to WIN an eBook copy of Let's Keep on Truckin'! A WINNER will be selected tomorrow - you have until 7:00am Friday, June 8th to enter.
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