Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eric Arvin Interview

Since I’ve been away from the site for so long, we’re doing a Sunday with Sid this weekend too! Tyra and I reviewed Eric Arvin’s “Woke Up In A Strange Place” yesterday and I caught up with Eric earlier in the week to ask him a few Guilty Indulgence questions.

GIBC: You seem to know a lot about the porn industry. Have you ever done it?

EA: I have not! ...But I had the opportunity in college. A well-known photographer was interested in me posing for him out in California. While that's not exactly porn, his work got very close to it at the time. I would most certainly have been posing with another guy or guys. Wieners would certainly be introduced to one another and then most likely wieners and bungholes.

GIBC: Are you kinky in bed?

EA: I like to think so. My mind comes up with some strange, some might say frightening, scenarios for fantasy play. If I were a cartoon I could make all my fantasies come true, but alas, the human body has its limits.

GIBC: Top, Bttm or Vers?

EA: I play all positions. I do have a rule, though. The guy with the bigger ass is the bottom. That's just how God wills it. That's why all bodybuilders are raging bottoms, see?

GIBC: Theoretically, if someone was in the room wearing a lampshade during sex, would this bother you?

EA: As long as I knew who was under the lampshade and it wasn't some David Lynch meets Hostel scene where I was going to end up choking on my own dick, I suppose I'd be okay with it. I don't know. Let me try it out.

GIBC: If you could date a super hero, who would it be and why?

EA: Mainstream, I'd say Superman. I know it's the answer everyone expects, but I've always had a fantasy involving that goody-two-shoes bottom boy. And yes, there would be kryptonite involved. But out of the mainstream, I'd go with my friend Patrick Fillion's fiery red-head Naked Justice or his beefy barbarian Zahn. And since I'd be a cartoon...Oh, bliss!

GIBC: Which of your books are you most proud of and why?

EA: Woke Up In A Strange Place has a special place in my heart. The story came from a time when I was very ill and close to dying. I had a vision one day while I was half-asleep: I was on a small boat on a river and my father, who had died ten years before, was smiling and waving at me from the river bank. I think also it is a book closer to the style of writing I'm hoping to shift to.

GIBC: Which of your books was the hardest for you to write and why?

EA: Simple Men. It's a romance and I really don't consider myself a romance writer. Writing a good romance is hard work. I've only ever tried it once more with Another Enchanted April and that became something totally different and surprisingly has become one of my other personal favorite works.

GIBC: which one of the Jasper Lane characters is most like you and why?

EA: Definitely Rick. He's the one I identified with from the start. His confidence issues, his questioning of worth, his impairment...and his lust for big boobied men. Yeah. I got all that

GIBC: What is your guilty indulgence?

EA: Iced mocha latte and chocolate chip cookies on Sunday night...mmmmm. And brownies! 

Eric Arvin resides in the same sleepy Indiana river town where he grew up. When he was young he played with unicorns and gnomes and was named Queen of the Faery-folk at the age of five. He graduated from Hanover College with a Bachelors in History. He has lived, for brief periods, in Italy and Australia and most recently in the dark chambers of the Caverns of Arvinia. He has survived brain surgery and his own loud-mouthed personal demons, though it is a daily battle. Eric is the author of THE REST IS ILLUSION, SUBSURDITY, SUBURBILICIOUS, SIMPLE MEN, and various other sundry and not-so-sundry writings. Willy Shakespeare once said of him: "That bitch got talent!" He intends to live the rest of his days with tongue in cheek and eyes set to roam.

For more information on Eric see

For more rollicking and hilarious reads, check out Eric’s “Jasper Lane” series as well. I laughed my butt off reading them.
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