Friday, August 17, 2012

What a painful week! I had to return to work after a wonderful vacation. Don't get me wrong I love my job but it was nice to be able to just not have that morning. But now it's back to life which includes soccer, football, scouts, school and general household duties. Whew, wears me out just thinking about it. On a depressing note I see the store have started torturing me by putting the fall decor out. ICK! I also have some terrible news.... I dropped my Kindle in the bath tub. It happened so fast I don't even know how it happened. Needless to say all my advisers told me to put it in a bag of rice and let it dry out for a few days. So we'll see. If not I'll be going to get me a new one. Before this accident here is what I was reading.........

Lustful Cravings by Paloma Beck

Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy bigger than anyone ever expected. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal vampyric Valendite breeds and secure their place in history. Each sister embodies one of the seven deadly sins only to be cast aside once claimed. But claiming comes at the price of separation, causing a weakening of their combined powers, which none want to happen... until Layla, holding the sin of lust within her body, locks eyes with Madden.

Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit, an invisible arm of the CIA. Their only weakness is their need for a mate to carry on the Breed. So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go.

With forces mounting up against the Breed, Madden and Layla will need to rely on both of their powers to get them to their Pronouncement.

Yeah for new authors! This series sparked my interest as soon as I saw the words Seven Sin Sisters. That means there will be one book for each sin. WOO HOO! Every time I hear about the seven deadly sins I think of the fabulous time at RAW and laugh my butt off. This series has a little bit of everything. There's the find your "just for you" mate, blood exchanges,close family ties, a history of each male and female back round, immortality, special ops and a little twist I didn't see coming but I bet this won't be the only time that happens. This series has something for everyone. Can't wait for more!

I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries. I would post a picture of our group from RAW when we went as the Sins but they would beat me to death!

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