Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank You For Being A Friend!

Before we slip off into a post-party coma there are a few individual authors that we would like to thank. These are people that have encouraged us by sending notes of thanks and appreciation for reviews, sent us books asking for reviews, gave us gifts to use as prizes, and/or took the time to do a guest post with us.  As much as we inspire them to continue their craft, they inspire us to further ours! Some of us were writers before the blog, and the rest of us have become writers after the blog - we're the perfect combination, like wine and cheese, peanut butter and chocolate, Doms and subs...okay...maybe not that far, but close! More than anything we are friends who have grown in our appreciation of each other and continue to discover and share our never-ending love of all things deliciously well written!  It's been a great week for reflection - checking out where we came from and taking pride in where we are going.  When you're talking about your Guilty Indulgence - the sky's the limit!

We need to start with Maya Banks, because she was our first, and you never forget your first! She was our first book club monthly pick, first author guest post and contest. She can deliver highlanders and elite ops...hunky alpha males of any flavor - Mmmmmmm!

Next is Jennifer Estep, the author that has probably been featured most on the blog site. But when you have two fabulous series going at the same time how can you NOT show up a lot! She has not only been a guest author but inspired our first YA Theme week with her Mythos Academy Series.  Jennifer has perfected the perfect alpha girl - in teen and adult forms and we salute her talent and always enjoy her stories!

Thanks to Jules Bennett, who was one of our biggest fans in the beginning. Aside from feeding into Kim's shoe fetish, she has been a great friend and we are so proud of her super Harlequin success!

Christine Bell  and Shiloh Walker helped us close out 2010. Shifters, Grimms' - it's a good time to be a paranormal author!  

2011 was our first full year and it brought us authors like:
Nikki Duncan - way to fire up our senses! All of them....mmmmmm
Monica McCarty  - thanks for your kilty goodness - swoon!
Heather Long - your ocked our world (here in Virginia)
Elizabeth Amber -  your satyrs know how to satisfy our souls...and other parts!
Andrew Grey - work out, art out, wine out, romance our hearts!
Molly Harper - makes us laugh out loud - Kentucky vampire style!
Gena Showalter - all around badass paranormal diva!
Rebecca Royce - all about wolves
SJD Peterson - yummy yummy male-male goodness
Thea Harrison - way to bundle dragon-y goodness with a paranormal yummy center
Sondrae Bennett - Arctic wolf rug for two?  

There were some that inspired theme weeks:
GA Hauser - BDSM - what dont know about the male species woman? way to tie all back Mark Antonious Richfield!
Kaylea Cross - Military - tortured souls reveal kinky goodness!
Cherise Sinclair - BDSM - tie me up, tie me down, make me a happy woman!

There were even some new authors:
Darynda Jones  - you make Death rock!
William Neale - romantic comfort food for the Soul!

That brings us to 2012, which so far has been our busiest and biggest year so far. We have had more guest authors, gone on some hops and some tours and even more theme weeks. It brought us some new reviewers and Saturday's with Sid.
Ava Riley - way to sex up contemporary romance!
Tracie Ingersoll Loy - sucks the reader into romantic suspense!
Eliza Gayle - spank me, make me beg for more!
Kerrelyn Sparks - Vamp-lite with humor and sex appeal
Sandra Bunino - takes the reader into sexy romps in hotels that hopefully lead to more
Stephanie Rowe - badasssed immortal warriors looking for their savior
Evangeline Anderson - fascinating take on otherworld pairings with kinky take!
Elisabeth Naughton - new take on the Greek Mythos with a sexy twist!
Lindsay Paige - sweet romance, something every needs sometimes!
John Simpson -the James Patterson of male-male romantic suspense!
Ken O'Neill - OMG - fly on the wall view of male-male romance!
JM Snyder - how can one writer blow your mind in 30 pages? Worth every minute!
Lissa Mathews - Lusty fun in perfect pain of denim! 
Lucy Felthouse - Cheeky, sexy fun!
Jeaniene Frost - Cat. Bones. Say no more!
Doris O'Connor - Where have these Giovanni men been all our lives?
Eric Arvin - ,aake me laugh, make cry, make me want to read every single page!
Angie Fox -  biker grannies, badass Greek gods - girl knows how to work the magic!

Theme Weeks
Bella Andre - Firemen and Athletes - really, say no more - fireman and athletes...
Kallypso Masters - BDSM - rope and  floggers never sounded so hawt!
Cat Johnson - Cowboys and Military - cowboys and soldiers...say now more!
Cassandra Carr - Cowboys - really?  Spank me and call me Sally!
Browyn Green - Phases - sexy, sassy, fantasy fun!
Cheryl Dragon - Phases - proves that three is a magical number!
Brynn Paulin - Phases - big girls can get spanked too!
Abigail Barnette - Phases - sexy, sassy, who can't say no?
Mia Watts - Phases - some of the best male-male yummy goodness!

We are proud of our eclectic roots and focus - we have met amazing people, been given a forum to express our beliefs, our hopes and life struggles.  It has been a year of great successes and devastating losses of both friends and family. And through it all we remain dedicated to our original premise that we, the Guilty Indulgence Bloggers, are dedicated to you the readers and authors, to provide you with our honest thoughts reviews that highlight the talents and fabulous stories that they write!

I am sure there are some that I might have missed, and if I did I am sorry! Thanks to everyone for TWO fabulous years!

Cat, Christy, Jenn, Kim, Rebecca, Shari, Sid, and  Tyra

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