Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bound for the Holidays by Brynn Paulin

Bound for the Holidays, Brynn Paulin, Resplendence Publishing
When an unexpected snowstorm strands co-workers Brennan Myers and Rory Mills just before Christmas, they reveal secret desires they've each harbored-desires they can no longer resist. With a little spanking and a bit of bondage and a garland of gold tinsel, they explore each other, but when the cold light of day dawns, each wonders if this will be more than just a one-night affair. Will they both get what they most want for Christmas or will it be another holiday alone?
**Publisher's Note** This is an extensively revised and re-edited version of a previously released title.

Ok, so I know Christmas is still two months away and I too hate when they start putting out Christmas decorations in September. But when you get an early gift like Bound for the Holidays, suddenly I am singing Jingle Bells.

The chemistry between the two main characters is sizzling. From the time that Rory sits next to Brennan on the bus you can feel the heat between them. But what was nice and sometimes missing from these shorter novellas is you get the vulnerability that each man experiences along with the lust. Both have admired the other from afar so when they do come together it didn't feel rushed it was more like YES, finally!

This is quick read with some light BDSM, so if you haven't read anything in the spanky, spanky genre then this would be a good introduction. This is a fun, kinky, sexy holiday read that you should buy now just to get you into the Christmas spirit!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and an extension cord for the twinkle lights.  This book was given to us by Resplendence. Many thanks.
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