Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Humpday Hello Christopher Koehler

Greetings and salutations my humpday nation. We survived the beginning of the holiday gauntlet last week and are on the downhill slope of this one! Yay us!  And would ya check out that moon tonight!  Howl - bay - go out and play (or not, it's cold here in Virginia) but give our goddess moon some love tonight!

One of our new fav friends from GRL, author Ellis Carrington, mentioned (over wine of course) that there was a fellow who had written a new twist on Pride and Prejudice and from there it was on, like Donkey Kong - I whipped my iPhone out and auto-bought this tempting morsel!  You'll see for yourselves what tasty brain candy awaits but first some delish eye candy!  Enjoy that view!

First Impressions, Christopher Koehler, Dreamspinner Press, April 2012

The first time Henry Hughes and Cameron Jameson meet, it’s an unmitigated disaster. Cameron reminds Henry of all he left behind when he stopped making adult films, and he cruelly rejects Cameron. When Cameron discovers Henry’s porno-thespian past, he assumes he’s dodged a bullet.

But circumstances continue to throw the two together. Though the physical attraction between them grows, they cling to first impressions, even as a slow dance reveals just how good they could be.

Henry finally realizes how wrong he was, but Cameron can’t cope with “sleeping with the enemy.” It will take a confrontation for Cameron to realize just how wrong he’s been, but unfortunately, he may have lost his chance.

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A new take on Pride & Prejudice and this Austenite was sold at first mention.  Having read nearly every fictional twist written, First Impressions, tempts this reader with the prospect of that elusive "something new".  A well written, delightfully crafted story of boy meets boy gone wrong. Shop boy Cameron subs in for the confident, clever Elizabeth and Henry, the former porn industry royal, channels more than his fair share of Darcy!  The pair meet and collide like bumper cars in the Sacramento social scene. Each encounter teases the reader with the pair's palpable chemistry and the inevitable crash and burn. At times it appears the kind -hearted Cameron will never get his man.  

Do not be fooled into believing First Impressions is a retelling of the classic story however. Koehler's tale is all his own and his writing style has the ability to be at turns breezy and readable and then bitingly humorous or poignantly introspective. His secondary characters provide color and depth to his story but the spot lights shine brightest on his two leading men.  Cameron's growth and maturation as he takes on responsibilities he never dreamed of strikes a definite chord. The emotional pain of his sullen teen nephew and his crazy, vapid roommates' unexpected support knocks the story up a notch from a potentially romantic romp to a truly romantic tale. Henry's intolerance and repeated verbal faux pas with the man he finds so fascinating feel very Darcy-esque. Thankfully their stars begin to align just before complete exasperation with both characters and author set in!  Sexily romantic without being overtly erotic - this tale provides the romance reader with some delicious brain candy!

For those who love a classic romance, for those who delight in verbal sparring and sexual tension, for those who cheer for the underdog, First Impressions deserves a first look!

RATING: Five Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, preferably out on the dance floor with That Woman.....oh read the book and you'll see!  

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