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Happy Hunky Days #12

DAY TWELVE...Happy Hunky-Days!

Happiest of Holidays from the Guilty Indulgence Book Club. We are pleased to be with you every day and hope you will all join us for our 3rd annual Happy Hunky-days - Twelve fun filled days of Christmas where we treat you with gifts of joy and happiness (aka free books and very yummy eye candy!). All good readers who comment will get a chance to win some really great e-books from our featured authors! Seriously, you can even be quite naughty and still get free books - just remember to register and comment!  

Baby, It's Cold Outside, Vanessa Devereaux, Evernight Publishing
U.S Marshal Ben McGinley decided to work during the holidays. He’s been tracking John Hensen for three days and finally thinks he has him cornered. He comes up empty-handed, but then things take an unexpected turn. While he’s in Hensen’s house, in walks Jade Wallis, daughter of a local bail bond owner. She mistakes him for Hensen…or is she playing with him? Has Jade had her sight set on Ben for months? And was being assigned the job a Christmas bonus from her father? Will a snowstorm be an unexpected gift for both them?


“You’re hurting me. And I have to warn you that if you do anything to harm me, rape me––anything like that––you’ll be spending lots of time in jail when I haul your ass there.”

He didn’t pay much attention to what she was saying, because he was too busy watching that pretty mouth of hers as she moved her lips. He’d just set eyes upon on her, but he only wanted one thing.

To kiss her.

“I think it’s about time I searched you,” he said.

“I’m warning you. You lay one hand on me, and I’ll…”

He couldn’t help it.

He kissed her.

Not so much to stop her from ranting and raving, but he wanted to taste her, run his tongue along her lips, and plunge it into her sweet little mouth.

She didn’t fight him, but opened up to him. As his tongue greeted hers, he was sure he’d even heard her murmur. He pulled away and looked her in the eye. Her cheeks had a reddish hue to them, despite the cold nip in the air.

“I could have you arrested for that,” she said.

“What…for being a good kisser?”

“You’re so full of yourself. That’s probably how you’re able to con so many innocent people into giving you their money.”

He laughed.

“And what’s so damn funny?”

“You don’t even know who I am.”

“Oh, don’t I, Mr. Hansen?”

“Rule number one––and I don’t suppose daddy taught you this. Check that you’ve got the right guy before you go searching him. Especially before you check out his bits and pieces.”

She bit her lip. Was she about to laugh?

“I’m U.S. Marshal Ben McGinley, and like you, I also tracked John Hansen to this house tonight.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Daddy didn’t give you a photo of Mr. Hansen?”

“Yes, but…”

“He’s not here. I’ve checked. I’m assuming he’s gone somewhere warm this Christmas Eve.”

She didn’t look quite as pissed as he had when he’d found the Montana hideaway, empty. He’d been tracking the son of a bitch for three days, and coming up empty-handed had been the final straw.

“So you know my father?”

“Everyone knows Big Mike. Rumor has it he’s training you and your brother to take over for him.”

“Not exactly. You’re referring to my half-brother, and also half-sister. She slipped on the ice last week and my half-brother’s gone to Vegas for the holidays. Dad thought he’d let me handle this one and keep it in the family.”

“Half-brother and sister?” asked Ben.

“He had a one-night stand with my mother twenty-five years ago. I’m the result. By the way, my name’s Jade.”

Well, well, good old Mike. Judging by her good looks and body, he’d say Big Mike probably got some gorgeous lady blind stinking drunk the night they’d conceived Jade...he even liked her name.

“Are you going to let me go? Because my arms are getting numb from being held up like this.”

He’d forgotten all about that.

“I will…but I think I should search you, just in case,” said Ben.

Now that the tables are turned.

“But you know who I am. You know my father.”

“You want to argue with a U.S. Marshal?”

“No, but I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“You threatened and touched a government official’s private parts.”

“That was before I knew who you were.”

“So you’re admitting that you go around touching criminals’ private parts?”

She was turning as red as Santa’s outfit. He hadn’t teased someone this much in years.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Turn around, face the wall, and hands flat on it. Don’t forget to spread those legs.”

“I will not.” 

“Do I have to arrest you? Because it’s either me doing the searching, or some fat old lady in the woman’s jail.”

She muttered something under her breath. He was sure he’d heard the word asshole in there somewhere. He grinned. Maybe coming up empty-handed at this house wasn’t so bad after all.

She gave him a dirty look before turning to face the wall.

“You do know that men aren’t allowed to search women, don’t you?” she said before placing her palms on the wall. She spread her legs.

“I’m a U.S. Marshal. Of course I know that, but these are unusual circumstances.”

He looked up and down her body, wondering where he should start. Every inch of it looked so damn inviting.

“You’re not to let your hand linger on any one part of my body,” she said, resting her forehead on the wall. 

Ok I now know why the polar ice caps are melting and it has nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with this book! This book is muy caliente!

Ben is a strong alpha male who isn't afraid to show his softer side. Jade is a woman who knows what she wants and won't back down till she gets it. You had to know when these two came together it was going to be off the charts.

At the beginning of this book I thought it was just going to be a quick sexy read but the characters are funny and likable. The author does a great job of packing some very heart touching moments into a few pages.

Looking for a quick read to warm up your nights? Then pick up Baby, It's Cold Outside and feel the heat.

Rating: 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

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