Thursday, February 28, 2013

King of Darkness

King of Darkness by Elisabeth Staab
This first book in a hot, edgy, dark paranormal romance series from a debut author has all the right stuff: a deep urban fantasy feel, a take-no-crap tough heroine and a sexy, arrogant vampire king who gets his comeuppance.

Isabel Anthony has lived a carefree existence masquerading as human, but when this party-girl meets the king of vampires, her world turns deep, dark, and dangerous double-quick. Thad Morgan is looking for the prophesied mate who will unlock his powers. But when he finally finds Isabel in a seedy nightclub, he thinks fate must have gotten it wrong.

King of Darkness is fast paced with complex characters in a rather dark world where vampires are warring with wizards. The heroine is a vampire who's lived on her own with her human best friend, surviving on human blood, taken from people she meets in the party scene. She's sexy, tortured by her past, and trusts no one. The hero has accepted his role of king after his father has died. He needs a mate to come into his powers, but doesn't want to force her to be his queen. This conflict between Isabel and Thad is one that I understood and appreciated,.

There a several subplots in King of Darkness between two other couples, which set up things for the rest of the series, plus political intrigue within the wizard camp that was interesting and gave insight into their evil ways. It made the story rather complex, but not so much to make it confusing.

I truly enjoyed King of Darkness, and give it 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

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