Monday, April 29, 2013

One Perfect Night, Bella Andre

It's Monday and raining here - seems like the perfect ending to another rough weekend.  There was one bright shining ray of light for me all weekend.  I finally found an hour to jump back on the treadmill and read something from my "read me now" list.  If you read my post two weeks ago I've been forced lately to mainly focus on Audible books due to lack of time for much else.  On the audible note, I apologize for not posting last week on our book of the week.  Lover at Last was three 8 hour books on Audible and just wasn't something I could get through by last monday.  I will say it was a awesome book and if you are a fan of the series it is a must read with a bunch of development to the story lines.  I did feel like I needed a history review several times and struggled to remember where the previous story had left off but all in all it was really, really good.

So back to my moment of bliss this weekend - I finally squeezed in a few moments to myself and of course my first choice to read was Bella Andre, specifically her stand alone One Perfect Night.  It turns out that this is a bit of a spin off of her Sullivan Series.  With the last of the main family of eight all getting their happily ever after's officially with her most recent release, Always on my Mind, it appears that she is expanding the series to include their extended family.  In this story a Sullivan, I'm assuming a cousin of the eight from the original series, goes on a vacation with her best girl friends.  One of her friends, Colbie, is not the experienced snow skier that the rest of the group is so she takes off down the less challenging trails and ends up falling hard when she tries to help a child that she mistakes for being in trouble.  With her face covered in snow and red from embarrassment, she finds Mr. Tall, Dark and & Yummy stoping to help her up.  Noah has spent most of his childhood on the slopes and eventually teaching others to ski.  Although this day is meant to be a break from his demanding career he can't think of a better way to spend the day then to help Colbie learn to ski.  With each fall she takes and with each time they touch as he helps her up they both realize that they are having more fun then they have ever had with anyone else.  Colbie started the day out as a exercise in not giving up and challenging herself and in the end found herself having the best day of her life.  But as the day winds down she can't bring herself to allow things to continue into the evening.  She is here for the weekend to spend time with her girl friends and to lick her recent scars from a broken relationship.  Unwilling to continue to push her luck she ends things with a simple thank you to Noah for a fabulous day and skis away without even telling him her last name.  But as time goes by she realizes her mistake - even after a week has passed Noah is all she can think about.  Noah is in just as bad of shape and eventually breaks down and hires a PI to find her.  Ironically his best friend and PI is the brother of Colbie's best friend and the siblings quickly put two and two together.  Now that they are brought back together they have the chance to turn One Perfect Day into One Perfect Night - if they both have the courage to believe in love at first sight and trust their feelings.

I don't want to give any more away.  This is a very short story.  As I said I knocked it out in a hour.  But wow!  It was awesome and just the pick me up I needed.  You definitely don't need to have read any of the other books as this really stands alone without the back up.  If you haven't tried Bella Andre before this would be a nice book to see if you like her style.  If you have read the Sullivan series I would recommend going ahead and reading this one since it introduces several characters that should be making repeat performances as the series grows.  All in all this is fun little short story with charming characters that are believable and make your day better for knowing their story.

RATING: Five Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

This book was given to us by Bella Andre. Many thanks.
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