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Strange Academy....A Must Read with a New Awesome Cover!

The past October I reviewed Strange Academy by Teresa Wilde.  I have been thrilled that as a perk of writing for the blog I have been able to meet new authors and in some cases develop a great relationship with them.  We, of course, don't allow these relationships to influence our reviews and try to give our readers the most honest review possible.  The flip to that happens when a book really impresses us - which given how much we read can be a challenge.  In those rare cases we through all caution to the wind and shout "you must read this book" at the top of our lungs.  When I first reviewed this book I was blown away and then further blown away to find out that it sales didn't reflect just how fabulous it is.  I suggested that it might be the cover and now I'm thrilled to bring you a new cover reveal!  This new cover does a great job at capturing the spunky humor of the book and the sensuality of Sadie Strange.  I sincerely hope that by repeating this review and showing you the new cover that you will be inspired to Read This Story!  You will not regret it.  I have reread it numerous times over choosing something off of my "I'm dying to read the next in this series - Yeah it's finally released" list.

So on to my review of Strange Academy (  By Teresa Wilde

Set in a beautiful historical school that predates Columbus’ arrival in the new world and yet it exists in Canada – Strange Academy is a school for the talented and gifted.  A school where Pippa Strange, Sadie’s Aunt and decedent of the school’s founder, has taught for years and recently died mysteriously in the library.  Sadie has always struggled with who she is.  Her aunt thought she was a witch and her older sister thinks she is a psychic – she thinks they are both crazy.  And yet something deep down causes her eye to twitch when ever she has to confront her feelings.  Out of options and determined to try to discover the truth about her Aunt’s death, Sadie accepts her Aunt’s former teaching position and becomes the newest resident of Strange Hall – one of the dorms on campus. 

As child, when her sister was sent to Strange Academy and she wasn’t, she developed a strong opinion that the school was full of snobs who believed they were better then everyone else and were really just strange people who couldn’t fit in.   Since then she has spent her whole life doing whatever she could to be normal and blend.  So it is a shock to her when she overhears the Principal arguing with a fellow faculty member that she should not be allowed to teach at the school.  As offending as this is, upon meeting the fellow teacher, handsome Lorde Gray, she is more offended at her body’s immediate attraction to him and his attraction to her. 

Lorde Gray is the heir to the Gray house and it is his burden to insure that the strong magical powers of the house continue by marrying another Meta (person with magical or talented powers) and producing an heir. It is also his duty to insure that Non’s (people without powers) never discover that Meta’s exist and that his nephew (a student at Strange Academy) is safe and happy.  So Sadie’s presence at Strange Academy is against everything he believes in.  1) She is a risk to all Meta’s that she will discover their secret and expose them 2) She is putting his nephew at risk and exposing him to Non’s which are off limits and mostly importantly 3) Sadie turns is blood on fire and she is off limits to him also! 

But Sadie won’t be dismissed so easily – as Gray tries everything he can to get her fired she refuses to be intimidated.  And so the verbal foreplay begins.  As they fight back and forth the sexual tension grows. They both begin to look forward to the banter until the temptation is too much to resist and the banter becomes something else.  But as Strange Academy’s secrets are slowly revealed along with the secrets to Sadie’s legacy as the founder’s heir can they both overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way?  Is the fire between them strong enough to overcome centuries of tradition and expectations?

Although this book has a very complete tidy ending I hope, with every finger and toe crossed, that Ms. Wilde chooses to continue with the other characters and make this a series.  This is a very well thought out vibrant world giving Harry Potter and Mytho’s Academy fans something even better.  I loved that it had the fun vibrancy of the school setting with all the unusual talented students and their wacky mythical pets and yet was told with the teachers as the main characters instead of the students.  This let the story have adult situations and mature feelings but with the whimsical youthful fun backdrop.  The interaction with the students gave the characters battles to overcome and comic relief.  Both characters were strong and funny.  For me the sign of a good book is if I can’t put it down.  The sign of a great book is if I am so sad to see it end that I immediately start rereading it.  I’ve lost count how many times I have reread it.  I simply can’t rave enough about it!

RATING:  Five Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with whipped cream, cherries, and every topping you can think of on top!!!!

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By Teresa Wilde

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