Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#REVIEW: Point Of Retreat by @ColleenHoover

I got slammed AGAIN by Point of Retreat (Slammed #2) by Colleen Hoover. This series is addictive. REVIEW of book one (Slammed) is posted HERE.

Hardships and heartache brought them together…now it will tear them apart. Layken and Will have proved their love can get them through anything; until someone from Will’s past re-emerges, leaving Layken questioning the very foundation on which their relationship was built. Will is forced to face the ultimate challenge…how to prove his love for a girl who refuses to stop ‘carving pumpkins.’

There are so many fun things in the midst of the emotional times that readers get the feeling that anything is possible for these two characters. You see, the term 'carving pumpkins' comes from the time they decorated their Halloween pumpkins instead of talking about the serious stuff. It was good in the moment except now Lake uses it as a coping mechanism and that won't work if they're going to make it together.

The secondary characters that surround them anchor Will and Lake as their love story continued to hold me to every page. I especially adored their inherent willingness to put family first, even expanding that beyond the traditional family unit. When tragedy struck, the strength of their commitment beyond the trivial could never be questioned again.

One more book to go! 

This books contains slamming. Slamming - for those of you who don't know - is a competition where poets read or recite their original work. It was started back in the mid-1980s in Chicago and became popular, especially among young artists, as a way to express themselves.

In this book, the most stunning Slam comes from their new middle school neighbor.

What a beautiful word
What a delicate creature.
Delicate like the cruel words that flow right out of your mouths and the food that flies right out of your hands…
Does it make you feel better?
Does it make you feel good ?
Does picking on a girl make you more of a man?
Well, I’m standing up for myself
Like I should have done before
I’m not putting up with your Butterfly anymore."

“I have one thing to say to you
And I’m not referring to the bullies
Or the ones they pursue.
I’m referring to those of you that just stand by
The ones who don’t take up for those of us that cry
Those of you who just…turn a blind eye.
After all it’s not you it’s happening to
You aren’t the one being bullied
And you aren’t the one being rude
It isn’t your hand that’s throwing the food
But…it is your mouth not speaking up
It is your feet not taking a stand
It is your arm not lending a hand
It is your heart
Not giving a damn.
So take up for yourself
Take up for your friends
I challenge you to be someone
Who doesn’t give in.
Don’t give in.
Don’t let them win.”

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.

Hurry! Go BUY IT! And let me know what you think.

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