Thursday, August 29, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Field with Roz Lee #REVIEW @IWriteRomance

Take me out to the ball field. I'll gladly go, anytime, as long as I have Roz Lee's Mustangs
Baseball series. I'm excited to be able to review the book with the catcher as leading man because that was one of my son's positions and there's no one on that field who needs to be smarter than the catcher. And brains are hot... well, not as hot as Jason's body! I mean, check out the cover - seriously hot.

Going Deep, the second book in the series, doubles the deliciousness and adds in some intrigue.

Keeping Carrie blindfolded and in the dark as to his identity suits Major League catcher Jason Holder just fine while he figures out if being a Dom really is his thing. With the media circling like vultures as he works to get his career back on track, the last thing he needs is a sex scandal if things don’t work out.

Just when he’s got it all under control a new kind of scandal from an unexpected source threatens everything, and Jason soon finds out that what you don’t know can hurt you.

Going Deep has a natural dilemma that serves as the premise for the book's conflict. It all seems so logical that readers buy right into the story. Jason (Jeff's twin brother from book one), a MLB baseball player, meets Carrie, a sports reporter. Just by virtue of their jobs, they would seem all wrong for one another but when she's blindfolded and all they know is what they feel, they couldn't be more right for each other.

The BDSM is hot and though awkward at times, it feels realistic. The dialogue between the couple is authentic and sweeps readers up into the moment. I hated the mystery of the blindfolded - felt too much like lying in a lifestyle where lies can't be tolerated - but I just went with it and found those moments with the blindfold to be some of the yummiest!

These books keep getting hotter. If I knew baseball could be so much fun, I might not have complained my way through eleven years of my sons' games. Well, at least you can grab a copy of Roz Lee's books and take them to the ball field with you for some delicious reading between innings. Enjoy!

4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

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