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Hunky Day No. Twelve @Rjscott_author #REVIEW #HUNKYDAYS

Happiest of Holiday Wishes from our Guilty Indulgence family to you and yours! As the madness of the holiday season is upon us - we want to thank you for taking a break from your busy schedules to celebrate our Fourth Annual Happy Hunky Days with us.  After a year of ups and downs, isn't it great to take the time to foster those guilty indulgences that make it all just a little bit easier. Hopefully you will find a great read, possibly win some great prizes and definitely enjoy some ho-ho-hot eye candy!  May your days be filled with friends and family and, of course, fabulous reads to revive and relax!

Make sure you enter the rafflecopter contest daily!  Cheers!!

Christmas Delights Anthology, Various Authors,  Love Lane Books

Love Lane Books is proud to present you with a collection of free Christmas stories to celebrate this special time of year.
With writing from a selection of new authors and some from authors you may already know.


The Book includes the following stories:-

RJ Scott - Deefur and the Great Mistletoe Incident - Wonderful addition to the original story. I for one wouldn't mind reading more about Cameron and Jason...and of course Emma and Deefur!

Amber Kell - Christmas Tree Magic -
For fans of the Moon Pack series this is a sweet peek at how some of them will be spending holidays. I think the section with Farro and Kylen was my favorite. Kylen's take on Santa was hilarious!

Meredith Russell - Spiced Apple and Cinnamon - Keegan doesn't like waking alone, but his fireman partner has drawn the early Christmas shift. When Alex finally gets home Christmas can really begin.

Diane Adams - Christmas Lightning - As a transplanted to Virginia form California girl I have experienced snow now but not lightning I am going to be looking for it!

Kay Berrisford - Gifts from the Tree
- Kay Berrisford is a new author for me but I loved this story and thought the mythology was unique and the story intriguing!

Nicole Dennis - Christmas Promise - This wonderful story is the last in the book but so worth reading. It made me cry the hardest and left me feeling hopeful!

Caitlin Ricci - A Jaguar for Christmas - RAWR sexy nekkid man who can turn into a jaguar, and a bah humbug photog who needs some Christmas spirit!

John Wiley - Once you go Black Friday - A Black Friday pro and a Virgin experience the night together but walk away with more than great deals.

SA Garcia - Paid with a Full Moon - This was totally my "lampshade" story! LOL

A.T. Weaver - Josh's Christmas Angel - An emotional story about the strength it takes to open your heart a second time.

Valynda King - Christmas in Hawaii - Another new to me author whose story dealt with things we don't usually find in romance stories. I thought is was sweet and thoughtful and I would like to read more about how Coolidge deals with River's issues.

Christopher John - Two for Hooking - Julia Roberts eat your heart out! From a hook up gone terribly wrong to a Christmas Miracle! My new favorite hooker story. I would love to see a follow up to this on how well the coming out goes.

Francis Gideon - Mistletoe and YouTube - Matt and Aiden come up with a unique way to kiss under the mistletoe!

Allan Jay - Christmas Angel - Shaun just needed to open his eyes and see the angel in front of him!

Aisling Mancy - Joyeux Noel
 - I am loving all of the second chances stories and this was another winner.

Gary Hendrickson - Our Best Christmas
 - Sweet story and the epilogue was the best part!

Hollis Shiloh - The Christmas Mansion
 - This is a story that would have benefited with more. The character's were interesting just left a lot unexplained.

Tom Alexander - Ivy Park
 - Beautifully poignant story about a broken man and his struggle to find hope.

AJ Henderson - Christmas Reunion
 - Oh this one was just too short. I wanted to read more about Eric and Dillon....we were just getting to the good stuff!!!

Abigail Winters - Love Delayed
 - The ultimate second chances story, and another one that I was wishing for more.

JC Wallace - Waiting for Snow -
A beautiful story of strength and survival!

This was a fun anthology with some very unique, intriguing stories. As with any anthology some stories were stronger than others and editing mistakes stand out more in these shorter stories. I did find some beautiful writing and some authors that I will seek out more from.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by Love Lane Books. Many thanks.

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