Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I was Sad... Because of Luke #REVIEW @EFEXScully

Because of Luke (Lewiston Blues, #1) by F.X. Scully is filled with music, love and sibling rivalry…
all Because of Luke.

Three years ago, Shannon was a wild child. Parties, boys. You name it, she did it. But she's changed and the only way to truly turn things around is to finish college and hop on a plane to…anywhere else. Until an unexpected encounter throws her off track.

Sheila’s been covering for her big sister for as long as she can remember. Now it’s her turn. But her rebellious plans don’t include small-town fun. She’s got her eye on something better—a group of budding rock stars and a summer-long tour.

In the middle of the sisters lands Luke, a determined college student who’s pretty sure he just met his soul mate. But loyalty to his big brother means leaving her behind to go on a three-month tour with his band. Desperate to get over the girl, he soon becomes entranced with the groupie who’s come along for the ride only to find he’ll have to make a tough choice—and not without breaking some hearts along the way.

Please Note: Because of Luke is a bittersweet tale that begins in the Summer of 1991. This book is New Adult Contemporary Fiction and does not contain a HEA. While it may be read alone, those who are interested in the futures of remaining characters may consider it a cliffhanger. The next book in the series is a companion novel that picks up where this one leaves off. 

This book contains profanity, alcohol and drug use, and explicit sex scenes. It is intended for individuals 18+.

I was left with mixed feelings about Because of Luke. It's told in first-person present narrative and switches between the three main characters... Shannon, her younger sister Sheila, and Luke Black. Just by this set-up, you can imagine there's a love triangle but just how crazy the whole thing gets is impossible to imagine. At times, its hard to believe that none of them realize that Luke is involved with both sisters. And why is no one looking for Sheila? Isn't the band high profile enough for paparazzi to catch her in a photo even??

There's plenty of drama when Luke goes off with his band, Sheila runs away, Shannon get back together with her last boyfriend, and then the reunion when Sheila returns. It deals head on with the realities of unprotected sex and doesn't sugarcoat anything. There's also plenty of sex in the book, along with a few hopeful moments. Until just when we think it might work out, it just as quickly turns tragic. And then, it ends. On a cliffhanger. Yes, a cliffhanger.

So I'm left deciding if I'll read the next book. Part of me has to read it because I want to know what happens but then again, I'm not sure I want to know. I've got a bad feeling even the second book won't have the HEA to satisfy the hopeless romantic deep inside of me.

3 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was provided to us through NetGalley. Many thanks.
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