Tuesday, May 6, 2014

With Chase by J.J. Scotts # REVIEW

Chase and Liam are back and hotter than ever!

With Chase, J.J. Scotts
The Chase Series #3
When Liam Collins was hired to act as the face of hermit-author Chase Preston, he thought he had a good idea what to expect, but now, the situation has changed. Liam finds himself wanting to know more about the real Chase and not the Chase he has to portray to the public. Is the sexual tension between them real?

Liam wants answers and breaks his contract’s rules to follow Chase one night. Liam ends up in a strange underground club that doesn’t seem threatening until he meets a cryptic woman who claims to know who he really is.

Is Liam’s cover blown? And more importantly, is Liam’s time running out? After letting curiosity get the better of him, Liam Collins finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun and comes face to face with an unexpected savior.

This installment ups the drama factor again. We get more Preston family members, a bat-shit crazy ex-girlfriend, a kidnapping and gun fire! With all of that you just know the sexual tension is going to shoot off the Richter scale, and Scotts doesn't disappoint.

The last book ended with a kidnapping and that's where this one starts. Which leads to the introduction of another Preston sibling and a trip to the hospital. There feels like there is more that just sibling rivalry going on between Chase and Felix but like all of the installments to this story we are left to wonder just what that may be.

While we didn't get a lot of insight into Chase's personality and why he acts the way he does we did get to see a softer sexier side to him. I know I am really ready to find out his back story.

 Liam is growing more comfortable in his role and doesn't shy away from standing up to Felix when the situation calls for it. Just when things seem to be going his way though, the rug is pulled out from underneath him again.

This author has the cliffhanger down to a science and always leaves me wanting more! I didn't think I would enjoy reading a book in this format but the characters are so engaging they keep me coming back.


RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

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