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Audiobook #REVIEW: Out Of The Darkness @kate_sherwood @dreamspinners

Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse #2)
Written by Kate Sherwood, Narrated by Peter Brooke

This is the sequel to Dark Horse... and it just keeps getting better.

“It's hard enough with two people. Throwing a third into the mix is… I don't know, doesn't it seem like we're asking for trouble?”

It hasn't been easy, but horse trainer Dan Wheeler is beginning to build a new life for himself, finding his place in California with his lovers Evan Kaminski and Jeff Stevens. When things are going well, it's spectacular: there's affection, humor, and passion. But things don't seem to go well all that often.

Dan continues to struggle with the loss of his previous lover and sometimes doubts that he even deserves to be happy; Evan is jealous of every rival for Dan's attention—including Jeff; and Jeff worries that he's too old for the younger men and wonders if he should bow out completely. Despite his resolutions, Dan has grown attached to the other two men, but he's not sure that's enough. He knows that it hurts to be together—he needs to decide whether it would hurt even more to be apart.

I'm entirely smitten with these three men. This second installment of Dan-Evan-Jeff is even better than the first. I felt a deeper connection between the three characters, as if the author dives deeper into the men. Their personalities come to life as readers get to learn more about them, and still, by the end I wanted even more. So, as I finish this book, I click over to the next audiobook and get even more of the three men.

I recommend this book to all m/m romance readers... just be sure to read book one first. Oh, and then be prepared to move onto book three. It's great in audiobook but the ebook is good too. Either way, don't miss these books!

5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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