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Never Been Kissed

Two’s Company. Three is perfection.
Second Chances, book 5

Shelly MacIsaac has pretty much given up all hope. Hope that she’ll lose weight, that she’ll find any excitement in life, that there will ever be any man in her bed besides Barney, her cat.

When her friend Zoey suggests the wine girls come up with resolutions for the New Year, Shelly latches onto the one everyone expects her to choose—the tried-and-true commitment to go on a diet and get into shape. Deep inside, however, Shelly knows she needs to change a lot more than just her physical appearance.

After a year licking his wounds over a broken romance, Christian is through. He’s been quietly lusting after Shelly at work, and he’s not wasting any more time. There’s something about her that makes him believe she’s the one. Unfortunately, Shelly’s kickboxing instructor, Lance—Christian’s best friend—has set his sights on the sweet blonde as well.

Instead of pistols at dawn, the two friends come up with a deliciously erotic answer to their shared dilemma—if the shy beauty will accept their racy proposal.

Warning: There is a chance this story will encourage you to go on a diet and begin an intense exercise regime. After all, flavored body lube is low cal, right? And sex is a great way to burn calories.


Mari Carr’s newest release Never Been Kissed wraps up her Second Chances series. For those who have cheered and swooned through all the "wine girls'" stories, this is the one you've waited for.  For anyone else who picks this up without reading the previous four - put the book down and go get Fix You first. No, this isn't the kind of book that needs the previous volumes to make sense, but it's impact will be even more meaningful if you have all five friends' tales. 

Good romance stories have pretty standard elements - hero, heroine, trials and tribulations, happy ever after.  Great romance stories have storylines that stick with you after the eReader is off for the night, dialogue that makes you snicker and quip the following day, and a willingness to tackle those everyday subjects that really aren't very romantic but are really very real to most people.  The best romance stories involve characters that you wish really existed because you'd love to meet them and just hang out!

Never Been Kissed finally tells Shelly’s story. The baby of the group, Shelly has decided her weight is holding her back - from life and love. Her personal challenge is to get fit, get a life and get laid (for the first time).  To aid her journey, Shelly must tackle her lifelong self esteem and body issues.  Armed with a fitness trainer, a handsome co-worker and the "wine girls", how can she achieve anything less than success?  Who knew that Shelly would become the ultimate over-achiever?  

As a curvy girl, I simultaneously craved and feared this story.  Shelly takes the reader to some pretty dark places during her struggle to find the good and the pretty inside.  It is hard to battle those voices and the message that Ms. Carr sends the reader is honest and realistic without being sappy or preachy.  Sure, everyone knows fitness and diet are the keys to healthy living - finding the inspiration and determination to follow through makes the story. And seriously, Christian and Lance the power to inspire and captivate... Holy cats! When Shelly breaks out of her shell, she goes for more than your average gusto when the two best friends decide she shouldn't have to chose between them!  Good things come to those who wait - and everyone deserves a Second Chance!!

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  Many thanks.


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