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New Release! #REVIEW Chaos Unchained (Outlaw MC 1) by James Cox @EvernightPub

Chaos Unchained (Outlaw MC #1) by James Cox
Evernight Publishing, February 18, 2015

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

I’m Chaos, patch member of Outlaw MC of Mars. We fight against the government’s warped rules under the guise of hover bike enthusiasts. Gays are put to death. Women are used for breeding. Dark skinned men are considered slaves. I told you our world is messed up and the battle is going to be bloody.

I’m currently on my way to earth for a six-month prison sentence. Level six is for sex, a twisted buffet of ass and mouth. Level five is for the fights. That’s where I shine. Beau is a sexy Hispanic man that’s too goofy to play with the big boys. He’s a follower that was loaned to me for some quick, naked fun. But it turned into something else. I didn’t do relationships because of my past. My father was a serial killer, childhood trauma, blah, blah. But it seems that now, I had a boyfriend. It’s all confusing.

Beau is released from prison before me. Can I survive three months without his calming touch? Will he survive on Mars with my dangerous and violent club without me?

Like no other MC romance I've read before, Cox developed a unique world during the course of this first book in his new series. It's a dark and dangerous world, far from today's Earth. Everything is backwards - bad prevails - and the Outlaw MC plan to change that. Despite quite disparaging circumstances, I was drawn into this world with each new detail without feeling like it was overwhelming.

Chaos is a bad ass biker. And when he meets Beau, who is absolutely adorable, he's won over by his smile. It gave my heart a little flutter. The combination of sweet moments with the sexy encounters is a perfect blend.

Combine that romance with the dangerous world and suspense, and I am hooked on this series and will keep a look out for more to come.

4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the publisher. Many thanks.

Be Warned: m/m sex, public exhibition

“I could do other things, Beau. Better things than just a kiss. If you want.” I coasted my hand down his abs and hovered it over the bulge in his pants. “Messier things.”
He swallowed so hard I could see his Adam’s apple bob. He nodded.
I lowered my hand and felt his hard dick under the loose pants. It was long. I followed the outline with my fingers and squeezed the tip. “How messy do you want to get, Beau?” I moved to the rim of his pants and tugged. An inch of his darker flesh was revealed. I kept tugging, slowly lowering his pants until I could see his cock. I tucked the rim under his balls and took in the sight of him. He was nice looking. Longer rather than wider. His balls had a nest of curly, dark pubic hair at the base of his shaft. That thick vein was prominent as it laid on the underside of his erection. His tip was cut, the foreskin gone. It made the darker almost plum-colored head more visible. I could see a cloudy drop at his slit. Beau was breathing heavily by the time I finished my exploration. Then I took him against my palm, my fingers wrapping around his girth. I stroked him and a groan welled up from his open lips. “You want me to touch you Beau or do you want to get messy and let me suck you?”
His gaze fell on my face. For the first time, the foolish expression was gone. He looked serious and with his eyelids half closed.
“Suck or stroke, Beau?” I squeezed him and his hips jerked forward.
“Can you...will you suck me?” His voice was soft like he was afraid to get his hopes up. “It’s been so long since...”
“That’s a shame, Beau. A real fucking shame that you haven’t had a warm mouth on this pretty cock.” I lowered leisurely like I was going to sip a drop of water from a puddle. I tucked my legs so that only one was lying on the floor with both my feet and my hip. Then I lowered my elbows. I pressed the flat of my tongue against Beau’s tip. He let out this gently sigh. It was nice. I took a lick and then pressed my lips to his head. My tongue dabbed at his piss slit while my hand rode up and down his length.
The way he said my name was almost a plea. I worked his head with my mouth, alternating between sucks and licks. My hand rubbed up and down his shaft, using more pressure as I came to my working mouth. His legs fell open slightly and Beau’s head dropped back. He was moaning. The sounds muddled by the back of his hand. I kept playing with him, forcing him to wait when he came close to orgasm. I took the time to lap at his balls and nip at the skin. Then when he calmed his hips, I sucked on his head again. It was like sexual torture, forcing him to linger at the edge of the cliff and not letting him jump. I didn’t want him to fly like a bird just yet.
Beau was using one hand to cover his moans and the other on my shoulder. He’d squeeze the muscle then soothed it with his fingers and when he came close, his fingernails scratched at my flesh. Sweat began to mist his body. His hips jerking upward wildly and nearly threw me off balance.
I worked the top half of his shaft with my fingers. Up and down, hard as my mouth sucked at his head. Then that warm sperm jet from his hole. It splashed at my tongue and teeth. I swallowed amid Beau’s cries of pleasure. He was bucking and squirming, chanting my name. Then he was empty. I licked him clean, raised the rim of his pants, and sat up. His cheeks were slightly flushed, but you couldn’t really tell with his skin color. His eyes were closed and his bottom lip had the faint markings of teeth. I smiled as he sat there recovering. My own dick begged for some attention, any really. It was greedy like that.
The lights overhead blinked and Beau’s eyes popped open. He smiled at me, looking shy and awkward.
“I just had your dick in my mouth. No need to by shy after that.”
His dimples showed.
The other cell doors started to open. I hissed out a breath. My pleasure left for another time. I stood as the prisoners started to walk around, checking the stairs. I extended my hand and Beau took it, coming to his feet. I pushed him to the wall, leaning so that just our upper bodies touched. “When we have more time, I’m going to pull those pants down and make sure we get real messy.”
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