Friday, October 8, 2010

Fab Friday & Understood

It's finally here! FRIDAY! Do your happy dance. You know I am.

I read Understood by Maya Banks this week. This was not what I expected. It's a story of two high school buddies that go on to play in the NFL. One of the men, Ray, marries his high school sweetheart, Ellie. The other man, Jake, is in love with her also but keeps his feelings to himself for years. Till one night Ellie shows up at Jake's door badly beaten by Ray. Turns out she's been living this way for years but it went undetected due to his "celebrity" status as an NFL player. Jake is livid. Ellie leaves Ray. Jake waits for her to get herself together and re-enter the relationship scene. Which she attempts in a mini shirt and heels. Jake swoops in and sweeps her off her feet and helps her re-build herself and her life. Just as things are looking up a reporter asks Ray on camera about his failed marriage to Ellie and Ray paints her as a cheating wife and that he loved her so much and she broke his heart. She's so embarrassed in her town that everyone thinks she broke the heart of Mr. Hometown Hero that she makes a run for it. Jake chases her down and brings her home but when Jake leaves to go to work Ray show up at Ellie's house. She panics and calls 911. Turns out that he watched the tape of his interview and realized how badly he hurt Ellie. He came to apologize. After being arrested for violating his restraining order he holds a press conference and comes clean about abusing Ellie. Now she's embarrassed that the whole town knows her dirty secret and Jake finally convinces her that she needs to hold her head high and move on. In the end Jake proposes and all ends well.

The big surprise for me was Ray's confession on TV. I totally didn't see that coming. I figured he and Jake would have a confrontation and that would settle it or Ray would try to knock Ellie off so she wouldn't ruin his career. Great surprise Maya!

I give this book 2 chocolate dipped strawberries. Hope everyone has a fab weekend.
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