Saturday, October 9, 2010


Howdy Cats and Kittens! Hope your weekend has been as lovely as mine. What glorious weather we are having here in the mid-Atlantic. No fall color, but clear blue

skies and warm autumn sun - perfect for driving, shopping, lazing about reading (am I predictable or what?!).

So, to kick off our special week O'Jules...that's Jules Bennett to those not in the know - it is my great pleasure to give you a glimpse into one of her new(er) Silhouette Desire books, For Business...Or Marriage? Now before I start, I want to make a few comments:

1) For those who know me, I tend to lean toward the racier stuff in my reading material. This is not a hard and fast rule (snort - I just love saying hard and fast!) because my reading repertoire is actually a huge spectrum, from YA to hard core Erotica and everything in between. I actually enjoy having my intellect and boundaries challenged by my reading material (and there is alot of stuff out there that makes you go, hmmmmm?!?!)

2) I really like this writer as a person. Our group met her several years ago and reconnect annually - she has a fun spirit and is truly genuine, no artifice, no ego. She has a great family and I wanna be just like her when I grow up (and not just cause she has a fabulous shoe and handbag collection!)

3) I truly enjoy her books. Reading her Contemporary Romances is like going to a bakery. How you ask? When you go into a bakery and you look into the glass case at all the intricate cakes and pies and pastries it all looks amazing and sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes what you want is simplicity, purity, so you order up a sugar cookie. Sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla - basic ingredients that, when combined perfectly, create a flavor that brings to mind home, comfort, love. Jules Bennett's stories have that kind of romantic simplicity - boy, girl, passion, love.

For Business...Or Marriage? follows two characters from her first Desire line story Seducing the Enemy's Daughter - Cade and his assistant Abby. Abby has been in love with her boss since she started working for them. He only sees her as his perfectly efficient right arm. When he announces he is merging with, aka marrying, the daughter of a powerful businessman to further promote his real estate empire and requests Abby plan the not-so-blessed event, she is crushed. She is financially strapped so she agrees to the ludicrous planning. When she points out that Cade should be planning the honeymoon, he promptly takes Abby with him to check out venues and do a little real estate shopping on the side. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Abby sets out to show the business minded Cade that romantic destinations are for just that - romance. Her scheme to show Cade that he has the ability to be romantic with the right girl lands her, after some complications, smack dab in the middle of his heart.

Reading this story is truly a sweet bakery treat. I love that her characters remind you of why you want to fall in love, why you stay in love and what we hope that love will be like. I am pleased to give this sassy little love story 4 Chocolate Covered Strawberries....yum!
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