Monday, November 8, 2010

Praying For More

Pray, by Christine Bell, gets off to an energetic start.  Christine is able to grab the reader in the first paragraph of her book and hold your interest until the very end. 

There are a number of characters involved in the plot that add to complexity and interest of this story; including the bad guy that is left unchecked and actually supported by his pack leader.  The main characters are believable and the way their worlds collide in the very beginning makes sense to the reader. As is expected in this genre of preternatural writing, there is the expected bout of sexual tension and activity, intertwined with the appropriate amount of violence.  It is such a nice escape from our predictable lives. 

I will say that this is written without as much depth and detail as I would like.  The reader is left hungry for more information about the history of the story line and more than a little curious of action implied throughout the story.  Christine could have spent some time developing many of the characters more, both in greater description of action and more about the historical story, that would then have left a greater curiosity of ‘what happens next’?  This would have also led the reader to wonder about other books that tell the story of each of the secondary characters.  I wonder if she is writing more about the location and all that comes to play there, and less about the characters that touch this location and the surrounding towns? 

While I enjoyed Christine’s style and believe the plot has a lot of potential, I was left wanting a lot more at the end.  It felt like I had just read a teaser for her book instead of the whole book.  Write on Christine!!!  I’m patiently waiting for more…

I give Pray 3 chocolate dipped strawberries.

Reviewed by: Liz Frey
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