Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can I Hear an Amen?

This week, the Guilty Indulgence Book Club is reviewing the first two books by author Christine Bell... www.christinebell.comAfter reading our reviews all week, you will get to hear from her and have the chance to WIN one of her books.  Stay tuned all week!

Pray by Christine Bell is a novella involving photographer Amalie Baptista’s sudden exposure (full exposure, if you know what I mean) to the werewolves of Pray, Montana.  Bell does a good job of character and story development in a short amount of time.  While I usually prefer the build up of more sexual tension before two characters hop (or since this is wolves, should I say lope?) into bed, you feel the connection and passion between the characters which seems real and not contrived just because of space limitations. 

I give this one a solid three chocolate dipped strawberries and want to find out more about the mysterious hunter who killed a beautiful white wolf and is now an ongoing threat to the werewolves of Pray.

Cat Devon
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