Friday, December 17, 2010

HAPPY HUNKY-DAYS, DAY 5... Tempted on Festive Friday


Merry Friday everyone! Hope everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit. It’s a crazy busy time of the year but there’s nothing like decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping and spending time with your family. I could totally do without this current snow we have going on right now but I’ll get over it. That will teach me to not wait till the last minute to start shopping! No worries, I always squeak by! Since I work for a fine University I am blessed with a long Christmas break that I will use to spend time with my kids and read!

This week I will be reviewing Anya Bast’s Tempted by Two. You may want to get a cold glass of water before sitting down to start this story. I’m just saying and with that being said...

This story is in a book called Good Things Come in Threes and features Jan Springer and Shiloh Walker as well as Anya Bast. Super book and I think they’re onto something with this good things come in threes (HE HE HE!). I give this book 4 chocolate strawberries and a tall glass of ice water. Because let me just say this book has a whole lotta HOT sex and I mean the kind that even made my face red!

Good Things Come in Threes (Ellora's Cave Presents)Miranda just wanted to be normal and forget her past. She carries the memory of an abusive father who ended up killing her mother and himself in front of her eyes. She now helps other women find shelter and a fresh start from their abusive significant others. It takes a special person to do this kind of work but it turns out that that’s not the only “special” thing about Miranda.

Miranda can see goblins! This new skill is somewhat discerning to say the least. But she has her best friend Olivia to help her thru because Olivia has the same power also. Along with this new power comes a new life style. Not only are you just someone’s mate but you belong to two men! Olivia has met her two mates Mason and Will and has come to terms with this life style. Miranda’s mates face a huge challenge. Miranda fears commitment. Her pair Theo and Marco must find a way to ease her into her powers and new life style without scaring her away. One by one Theo and Marco make their way into her heart.

Just as Miranda is settling into this new life she has a bad run in with one of the women’s husband from the shelter who feels she’s keeping his wife from him. He kidnaps her and plans on teaching her a “lesson” on obeying. He knows her little secret and makes her think twice on trusting Theo and Marco. Miranda has to take action and save herself. As she fights for her life Theo and Marco stand by and watch. Will she come back to them?
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