Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump Day Howdy - gotta love a devil in a red dress!

Super sorry for the delay in posting - my home has been supplanted in the Bermuda Triangle...seriously. My cell phone had a text on it Wednesday when I woke up date/time stamped June 1,1980. My router had every light flashing but no internet connection to be found. And my alarm clock was set for 12:34pm instead of 6:30am...what the heck is up with that? There are just some weeks where you shouldn't even bother leaving home: draw the shades, cuddle up with steaming cuppa tea, fuzzy blankie and a good a Nikki Duncan. And if I know Ms. Nikki, she will appreciate this next part too - because you've been soooo good during this post full moon lunacy....deep breath in, let it out. Have a little bite of some tasty, calorie free goodness. Eye candy always makes it better! And look - he brought us a mental vacation too! Awwwww.

So that being said, my turn to review some Nikki Duncan goodness, with book two of her Sensory Ops series - Scent of Persuasion. Kamille Evans takes the leap from mild mannered actress to sultry and captivating call girl for Madame V, endeavoring to discover proof that her step brother didn't kill himself. Breck Lawson hires Kami for an evening charity event - a busy CEO doesn't have time for entanglements or complications, especially if he is really undercover to discover the identity and motive for his best friend's shooting. Their verbal sparring stirs up passion, their physical connection explodes on the page. Unknowingly, their investigations are so closely interconnected that their being together could prove fatal. The question begged to be asked is can two people who are lying about their identities get to know one another so well that they fall in love?

The dialogue was very well written, sassy and flirty but still designed to build tension both in the suspense/mystery investigation and in the sexual relationship between Kami and Breck - from the very first sex scene in the chair....hoo boy! Bringing back Keiralyn and Ian just makes the story more fab! Immensely enjoyable, great story with a sweetly vulnerable, sexy heroine and my favorite flavor fella - mysterious alpha male!

I give Nikki Duncan's Scent of Persuasion a tasty five chocolate dipped strawberries and affirm her belief that books are the transport to a better place, if only for a while!
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