Thursday, February 24, 2011

WILD, WET & WICKED in Whispering Cove

Mackenzie McKade, Cathryn Fox, and Nikki Duncan have teamed up in a contemporary erotic anthology being released throughout January and February 2011. The anthology takes place in Whispering Cove, Maine, a small seaside village, where a ten-year high school reunion is bringing back the students who have all left town after graduation. Though they have each found some level of success, they have yet to find love (and that's all their well-meaning, meddlesome grandfathers want for them.).
Great secondary characters – the town’s grandfathers – have turned into matchmakers as they prepare for the return of their grandchildren. During a poker game, the men place a wager on which of their grandchildren will be the first to the altar, and the first to give them some great grandkids. The grandfather sub-plot is truly at the crux of what makes this anthology a winner.

WILD Whispering Cove (Whispering Cove Anthology)WILD in Whispering Cove is the story of Andie Adair who left town ten years ago after a boating accident that killed her parents. Blaming herself, she escapes Whispering Cove and leaves behind her family, friends, and a fiancè. She manages to stay away until she receives an ambiguous telephone call from her grandfather that leaves her concerned for his health. If only she knew it was all part of his plan.
Desperate not to lose her only living relative before seeing him again, she flies across country and straight into the arms of the fiancé she left behind. Though Whispering Cove is the last place she wants to be, she finds herself falling into Brody McGrath’s arms. The reader is brought on a journey as Andie relives past memories and attempts to come to terms with her grief. Andie’s pain is palpable, calling on the empathy of the reader.
Now the town’s sheriff, Brody doesn’t know why Andie left all those years ago but he doesn’t plan on letting her go again. While he reacquaints her with Whispering Cove, he pushes her to work through the pain from which she’s running. Brody’s love is written with such depth that it comes off the page to embrace the reader. Even without the sizzling sex, their passion for each other is illustrated in every touch.
Wet Whispering Cove (Whispering Cove Anthology)Wet in Whispering Cove is the story of Katy Wilson who left her family’s restaurant to pursue her dream of becoming a chef and found her way onto her own daytime cooking show. Though she’s experienced success in her career, Katy has never found another love like her childhood sweetheart. And now she’s returned to Whispering Cove at the request of her grandfather who warns her that the family’s business is in financial trouble.

With an eight-week hiatus from her cooking show, her contract under renewal and tired of city life, Katy is looking forward to returning home and having time to consider her next move. That decision is nearly made for her the moment she sees Trent Parker again. Trent has never given up on reuniting with Katy even though he let her go ten years ago. When he finds out that she’s in town, he decides it’s his job to show her that Whispering Cove is where she belongs. Their attraction is just as strong as ever – especially after he sprays her down with his hose – and the need to connect again is undeniable.

The reader gets front row passes to watch the re-building of trust in a relationship that should never have broke. As they re-discover their connection to one another, hiding from the paparazzi that have followed Katy to her hometown, there are funny moments and a sizzling kitchen encounter that seals the deal. And when they discover what readers already knew, their future is filled with possibility.

Wicked Whispering Cove (Whispering Cove Anthology)Wicked in Whispering Cove is the story of Braydon Mitchell, a sexy freelance writer who has spent the past ten years sailing around the world. He is returning home because of concerns for his grandfather’s health but Braydon also plans to mix in some fun and attend his high school reunion. But he certainly has no plans to put down anchor in the small town in which he was raised by his grandparents until he meets his grandfather’s sexy doctor and things change.

Danica Kent has returned as Whispering Cove’s town doctor after medical school and residency in the city. She provides care to all her patients but has a special place in her heart for the town grandfathers who suddenly seem to be up to mischief. A house call to one of them brings her face-to-face with Braydon, her high school crush, and she suddenly feels like the clumsy, dorky girl she was back then. Her reinvented self falters as she works to gain hold of her self-esteem in the face of Braydon’s return. Readers will appreciate and relate to how down-to-earth the heroine is.

The reader watches not only the evolution of a sweet relationship, but also the blossoming of Danica’s spirit, as they discover a connection to one another. With a splash of humorous moments and tantalizing encounters, Wicked is a good read. When sexual sparks flair between them, Danica and Braydon begin something that neither can predict how it will end. But I guarantee hopeless romantics will not be disappointed.

The Whispering Cove anthology has that piece that many anthologies miss – the strong back story that authenticates the characters’ motivations and grounds the separate stories into one complete collection. Well done. 4 chocolate-dipped strawberries (just keep them away from Katy and Trent because they do wicked things with chocolate!).


  1. So glad you enjoyed the antho Rebecca. We certainly loved writing it. :)

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. I'm thrilled you enjoyed our anthology. With the help of three conniving grandfathers our stories just fell into place.


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