Sunday, June 5, 2011

Miranda's Rights

MIRANDA'S RIGHTS is a BDSM short story done right. You are given enough back story to pique your interest and then it's right into the heart of the story. I connected to these characters quickly and fell right into subspace along with Miranda.

Miranda has a secret and a very nosy next door neighbor who also happens to be a police detective. When Jase notices bruising on Miranda's arms and neck, he suspects that she is in an abusive relationship and is going to save her whether she wants him to or not. When he follows her one night and realizes that she is going to a BDSM club, he knows he has found the submissive for him, but Miranda isn't convinced Jase can be the Dom she needs.

If you aren't ready to go completely into the BDSM world but are looking for quick trip, MIRANDA'S RIGHTS, is the perfect book for you. It may be a quick read but it hits on all the right levels to give you a small but realistic taste.

I give Miranda's Rights 5 chocolate dipped strawberries.
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