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Running Wilde

Running Wilde [The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

Running Wilde, the third book in Chloe Lang's The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada series, continues to weave together Jessie’s developing relationship with the Wilde brothers with the mystery of the mining accidents. The   suspense is still slowly building (though I wish there was more). And like the earlier books in the series, this is a quick read with a fluid flow.
In this book, Jessie spends time with Dallas, a man used to having any woman of his choosing. Only now his attention is completely on Jessie, vowing to do whatever necessary to possess her for himself and his brothers.  Dallas is a BDSM master who sets out to introduce Jessie to his sexual lifestyle, fearful that though he believes she’s the one for them, she may not be able to handle the sexual desires of him and his brothers. While I understood the goal of the author with this storyline, the BDSM component seemed weak and awkward when compared to authors specific to that genre.  But the message is still clear - Dallas & Jessie’s relationship is much more intense than the others were.
Jessie still continues to feel overwhelmed by becoming involved with the brothers. Jessie has strong feelings for the brothers, but she gets the feeling she’s missing something important.  And when the secret is revealed by an outsider, she’s hurt and pulls away from them.  It’s up to Dallas to earn back her trust at the same time that another threat is made on her life and the tension is at its highest point yet. 
Lang uses secondary characters to enhance the primary characters when Jessie’s ex-fiancĂ© (who is gay) comes to visit.  Really only having a fake engagement to get Jessica's dad off her case, Michael turns out to be a good friend and helps her work through her confusion with the brothers. The addition of this secondary character helps establish a depth to Jessie that readers might not see otherwise; just as introducing the brothers’ grandfather adds history and much-needed depth to the brothers.
Lang has hit her stride in this book as they keep getting better.  I am more sold than ever on the series and am waiting impatiently for the next release. ** Note that readers must read this in order because of the nature of the series. **
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RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries!
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