Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Humpday Hello - Independence day style

Howdy there humpday peeps! Hope your holiday weekend was glorious! We had a super day at the lake: kids had fun, rain stayed away, books got read! Is that not perfect??? I can hardly believe we are well into summer - it's a classic southern one here - hot, muggy, lots of thunderstorms. Gotta love it!

So today, I have a super summer read - the kind that says: Toss the kids in the pool, grab a cold frosty beverage and enjoy!

Oh, and a tasty calorie free slice of eye candy! Mmmmmmm (Gotta love it too!)

Cinderella and the Sheikh, Teresa Morgan, April 2011

Admit it - every girl has a Cinderella fantasy! Who doesn't have that fantasy of a wealthy, handsome, sexy prince coming to take you away from your dreary world? Teresa Morgan's CINDERELLA AND THE SHEIKH explores that fantasy, manages to make it feel grounded in reality and tempts the reader with the hope of "happily ever after".

Libby Fay presents herself as a heroine a reader can get, envision and empathize with. Working as a waitress in a chi-chi upscale New York boutique hotel, she lives to serve others. Her only hope for her future is that she finds the kind of love her parents enjoyed before her father's death. Sheikh Rasyn ibn Bakr ibn Rahman al Jabar watches the beautiful server every day and determines she will be perfect to fall into the role of his bride to be.

Rasyn woos her, overwhelming her with his financial generosity and sinfully sensual attentions. Whisking her off to his country, Rasyn and Libby appear to be the making of a fantasy come true – that is until Libby discovers Rasyn's terrible secret plan. Can Libby overcome the pain of betrayal? Can a Sheikh be humbled by the power of love?

The characters Ms. Morgan creates are rich and well developed with strengths and weaknesses that make them eminently enjoyable. The settings are beautiful and lush. Libby and Rasyn's romance is sexy and smolders on the page. Watching the wary waitress fall for the Prince, stumbling along the way, makes this story witty and creative.

Hot desert nights filled with sensual loving and tense plot twists makes this story not just an erotic ride but a true emotional journey. Teresa Morgan takes the reader through the fire and ashes in a modern take of the traditional story. Cinderella and the Sheikh may just be the perfect summer read!

I give this super summer treat a five chocolate dipped strawberries, melty summer goodness! Mmmmmmm!
This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews.The Romance Review
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