Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two Erotic Gems

Today, I have two Erotic Gems from Resplendence Publishing. Both are short stories that would make a nice read for a quiet fall afternoon. And the incredibly hot cover models had me before I even read a word!

Alone with Liam by Jessica Jarman unexpectedly places Erin together with the man she’s been avoiding. The last thing she expects when she heads to a girls' weekend is to be stranded in a snowstorm with Liam. After throwing herself at him months earlier and getting shot down, Erin is mortified to find herself face to face with him. But not everything is as it first seemed and this might just be her chance.

Alone with Liam illustrates that age old adage that communication is so often underestimated. Time was lost when this couple allowed miscommunication to guide their actions. But this story also depicts a beautiful resolution between two people who care for each other.

Too short for good character development but still a nice story… 4 chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Happy Trails by Carol Lynne takes readers into the wilderness as Sam goes hiking with his brother and his best friend Nick. All too quickly, Sam is reminded that being out in nature is not his favorite thing when he falls and injures himself. But luck sends him into the arms of Nick who he has been attracted to since they first met. Left alone while Sam’s brother gets help, Nick and Sam discover their attraction is mutual. Their first moments together are sweet with a touch of fire.

Though a short story, characters were solid and I enjoyed the story line between the brothers which gave the story more depth. I’d like to learn more about this couple as they traverse the rough terrain of a new relationship.

This delicious little gem is a 4 chocolate-dipped strawberry read. Enjoy. 
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