Thursday, January 12, 2012

More HOT Puma Nights

Finally, I'm getting to read book two in one of my favorite new series I discovered in 2011. I've made it my New Years resolution to get caught up in all of the series I follow (and not be side-tracked by random books). I swear I am a very organized person but when it comes to books, I seem to go all ADD. All it takes is "look, Rebecca, shiny new book" and I'm off in a new direction before I've had a chance to complete a series. So, true to my INTJ nature, I have reorganized my TBR list on goodreads so books are now listed in the order in which I plan to read them. Yep - I can do this... though like all New Years resolutions, all could go to hell by February. And if it does, I can't say I'd mind too much as long as I get to keep on reading.

Falke’s Captive is book two in the Puma Nights series collaboratively written by Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle. With plenty of action both in and out of the bedroom, Kelan, Reidar and Beth’s love story is another great read in a fabulously rich series that has quickly hit my favorites shelf.

As Puma shifters, the Falke brothers are careful with their family’s secret. So when Kelan and Reidar meet graduate research student Beth Coldwell on her first night in town and are drawn to her, it’s certainly not seen as a match made in heaven. Beth’s research involves tracking and tagging mountain lions and, at first, the Falke family doesn’t understand her motives for the research. Then things only get worse when she unknowingly captures Kelan in his animal form as part of her research.

Kelan escapes but not before Beth takes a blood sample from him and the DNA analysis shows he's not a common mountain lion. After the brothers' attempts to retrieve the sample fail and with little other alternative, they share their secret with Beth and hope they mean more to her than the fame from her research. Kelan and Reidar believe in her proclamation that she loves all big cat breeds and wants to make a difference by helping in their survival.

The three main characters are endearing. Kelan and Reidar are the younger litter mates of Axel and Gunner but they have their own unique personalities.  Well-developed characters, humor brings out their strengths and weaknesses. Kelan, the dominant brother like Axel, tends to be more hot-tempered and adventurous. Reidar is the even-keeled brother more likely to be rational and thoughtful. They balance one another which lend itself perfectly to the ménage story line. Together, they are exactly what Beth needs. Her strength and intelligence shine through when the brothers reveal their secret. True to her scientific nature and training, she takes it all in, asks questions, and determines the validity – even asking to see her men shift. And she’ll win every reader over when she decides to protect her mates. 
Falke's Captive is a shifter love story that avoids the stereotypes by presenting the story in an unconventional shifter culture. The premise of a scientist becoming a shifter’s mate is distinct and certainly not an overdone stereotype. The authors combined romance, humor, and adventure in creating an outstanding second book in their series. The Falke family is such a charming cast of characters; I can’t wait for more books about the rest of the family.

To read my review of Falke’s Peak, the first book in this series, CLICK HERE.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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