Monday, February 13, 2012

Intimate Exposure

I know it seems wrong to discuss intimate exposure when it 20 degrees outdoors but this little treat of a story will warm you up (at least on the inside). 

Erotically delicious, Intimate Exposure by Portia Da Costa is a short journey into a woman’s first experience with BDSM. A pretty typical plot but a fun read just the same. My only complaint is the limited romantic element that as a reader, I crave.

From their very first meeting, Red and Vicki seemed to have a love/ hate relationship. Red, a shameless flirt, is actually a billionaire undercover as a photographer taking survey photos to secretly investigate his newly acquired business.  While in this disguise, he becomes intrigued by Vicki, one of the assistants at the company, and thrives on teasing Vicki. Confused by her own feelings towards Red, Vicki was abrupt and rude towards him. The beginning of the story flowed smoothly with entertaining exchanges between the two characters.

First drawn to Vicki’s fiery personality and beauty, Red’s interest only grows when he discovers the BDSM novel on her eReader. Now he is certain he’s found a woman who shares his desires and promises to be a challenging submissive. And Vicki realizes that though his teasing infuriates her, she also responds to it with desire for this man she barely knows. In fact, he brings out her need to submit to her lover.  Plenty of inner-dialogue clearly establishes Vicki as a newly blossoming submissive.

An interlude in the company’s gym literally brings Vicki to her knees as she gives into the promise of Red as her greatest desire, a sexually dominant master like those in her favorite novels. So when a contest lands them both at an exclusive resort for the weekend, Vicki agrees to a no-strings-attached experiment in BDSM. The BDSM scenes are incredibly detailed so that readers are absorbed into the emotion surrounding the experience. There was heat, desire but there just didn’t seem like enough romance for me.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries 
This book was given to us through NetGalley. Many thanks.
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