Sunday, February 12, 2012

BLOG TOUR: A World Apart


Finding the perfect photos for a cover is as essential as writing the story. Some covers catch my attention immediately, which leads to reading the blurb and before I know it, the book is in my cart. But there are also covers that don't speak to me and I'm guilty of not giving those books the slimmest chance.

How do you know when you found the perfect photo for your cover? For me it's simple: the photo speaks to me. It's instinct, it's finally a face to a name.  It's that amazing hero(ine) you've been writing about, but never seen his/her face. All of sudden you see an image and there he/she is, staring at you and telling you, "Hello. It's me you're looking for." That very moment your heartbeat picks up the beat, butterflies dance in your belly... it's love at first sight. Nothing more.

I picked "A World Apart" photos loooooong time ago. I kept looking but always returned to them. The blond woman is Cassandra Toma, my heroine. I wanted her to look vulnerable and this image delivers exactly what I was looking for. The man looks as if  David Hunt, the hero's story had been written for this particular image, and nothings else. He's longing, regretful. They are not facing each other intentionally because of the world apart standing between them. And that again is beautiful captured in this set up.

Dreamstime (the place I purchased the photos from) has several other photos with these two models. I didn't purchase these images (sorry for the water marks) since I'm not using them for the cover, but thought I'll show them in different postures and settings. Later on when you'll read the book, you'll find yourself visualizing them as if they are right next to you, telling you an incredible love story.

And here they are...
Cassandra being happy...

Trying to charm Cassandra, David looks like this 
Cassandra being playful...
He's mad at her, can you tell? 


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