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BOOK TOUR: Sin Eater's Prince

OwenRhys, the sin eater, has been shunned by the local villagers all hislife--except for Andras Maddock, the local physician. In love with the one manhe believes will never return that love, Owen is shocked when Andras saves himfrom death at the hands of a vampire.
Dagan, Dark Lord of the Underworld, vows to avenge his father’s death andobtain the Prince of Wales’s mystic sword from Andras. The claymore’s powerholds an immunity the vampires have coveted for centuries.
Star-crossed love, sorcery, and bloodlust collide on a vengeful path where onlyone side will remain victorious

A surprise read for me. I am not a person who likes toread historical fiction or for that matter any type of read prior to 1990s butthe blurb and the cover caught my eye so I decided to give it a try. I have to give kudos to Keta Diablo. It really can’t be easy to write an entirebook in an old Welsh language but she succeeded. I felt like I was being pulledback in time and…..surprisingly loved it!!!!

** check out the photos below she shares to set the scene **

For me, a writer is great when Iam reading the story and I actually can see the story in my mind. Those are thebooks that you stay up all night long reading because you have the mental moviehappening in your head and you just don’t want to turn it off. I swear that Isaw this story unfold before my eyes. What was more amazing was that because it was set back in time, Iactually watched it in black and white. NO LIE! Weird I know and what really threw me for a loop was that I reallyliked it!

I think as a reader you can pigeon hole yourself andmaybe I have been a little guilty of that myself. I like a vampire story as much as the nextperson. Most of them are happy everafter and predictable. Keta ‘s, The Sin Eater’s Prince, gives the readera new twist.

The story takes placeduring the 1800’s, in Pembrokeshire, Wales (a twist in itself because of thespeech, the lore and superstition of the time). She sets up the characters in the first couple of chapters andimmediately I was drawn to Owen. A Sin Eater – wow – what an awesome twist toany vampire story. To me, I stopthinking about the fact that I was reading a vampire story and dove in justread an awesome book about a Sin Eater. Great and great - a Sin Eater is personthat absorbs the sins of the dying so that the soul is free to go to heaven.

Iwas so intrigued Owen (the Sin Eater) that I had to keep reading. Then to findout the town people shun him – now I am just mad and I want him to behappy. So, here comes our vampire, thegood doctor Andras! But where there is a good vampire there has to be a badvampire and this one wants Owen as much as Andras. Now, as I said before, Keta keeps us guessingby not given us the same old – same old. So you have to read the book to find out how it ends.

I loved it and would read other storieswritten by Keta Diablo. I would stronglyrecommend the book and give it 4chocolate dipped strawberries.

If it's not normally your thing, step outside your normal reading genre andpick this one up. It’s a great read!

This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
- Shari, Ndulgent Blogger


Exclusively on Kindle:

In this scene, Andras, the local physician saves Owen from death at the hands of a vampire.
Moonlight slanted through the pine trees, and in the stillness of the forest, the ocean roared in the distance. Occasionally, Owen stumbled on a rock, but quickly regained his footing and followed the silver ribbons down the narrow path. A fluttering of giant wings to his left elicited a nervous jerk, and another stumble. Owen fell to his knees just as the moon ducked behind a patch of clouds. He narrowed his eyes, searching for the winged creature. The very air turned ominous and the skin at the nape of his neck prickled. Now he wished he’d taken Andras’s advice and stayed the night in the stables. The scent of horse dung would have been preferable to the sudden fear anchoring his body to the forest floor.
What else had his father said? ‘A vampire can not enter a private dwelling unless the occupant grants permission. Most vampire attacks occur outside the home in isolated areas at night.’ Get up, Owen, you dolt! Run! You’ve got to make it home!
Clambering to his knees, he stilled from a flash of something in the clearing ahead. Beneath a canopy of evergreens, a bestial being appeared in his line of vision. No, not a predator of the forest, but an upright human form. Shrouded in a black cloak, his white skin shone like a beacon under the inky sky. Danger seized Owen as the phantom advanced at a foot-dragging pace. His eyes crazed with bloodlust, his lips were drawn into a snarl that bared his lethal white fangs. Owen’s throat constricted with fear, yet he remained seized by the timeless features and hypnotic eyes. Time ceased to exist, and his immortality rushed to the forefront. Death was imminent; he felt it with every fiber of his being.
Suddenly a new shape burst onto the scene, exploding through the bracken with lightning speed. The vampire and the newcomer fought, their bodies, twisting and writhing in a maelstrom of flesh and bone. They rolled, thrashed, and tumbled on the ground, only to appear in the branches of the trees seconds later. Paralyzed with terror, Owen’s body felt nailed to the ground.
Their teeth gnashed and a bloodcurdling scream rent the air. And still it did not end. Silver metal flashed beneath moonbeams when the second combatant brought his sword up high. On the downswing, it plunged its death knell and severed the vampire’s head from his body.
Blood ran in rivulets from the ghoul’s neck and his body jerked spasmodically in the last throes of death. Owen clutched his abdomen and retched. Long seconds later, and fighting off waves of dizziness, he lifted his head and stared in the bloodless face of Andras Maddock. Blood trickled from a long gash in his chest where his shirt had been torn away. Bent at the waist, the man gasped for precious air, yet kept his keen sight on the periphery of the clearing.
Owen followed his gaze with his own, a sickening dread clawing at his gut. Were more long tooths waiting to attack? And who or what was Maddock?
“Can you walk?” Andras said across the distance between them.
Owen nodded.
“Then I suggest we leave. Now.”
“But, who―”
“If we remain here, more will come, and I can’t fight them all.”
It was Andras’s turn to nod.

Keta is a multi-published author of paranormal and historical romance and gay fiction. In 2009, her erotic romance Decadent Deceptions was a finalist in the RWA Molly contest. In 2010, Keta's entry Phoenix Rising finaled in the Scarlet Boa contest and in 2011 Keta's acclaimed paranormal shifter, Where The Rain is Made, was nominated by Authors After Dark for a Bookie Award and by Deep In The Heart of Romance for Best Romance of the Year. Many of her books, including her gay fiction series CROSSROADS, have won numerous awards: Top Reviewer's Pick, Recommended Read and Best Book of the Month.

If you'd like to know more about Keta and her latest releases, she haunts the Net here:
Keta's Keep Blog:
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Gay Fiction Blog:
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