Monday, April 23, 2012

Resplendence Monday!

Whoops, did I get the day wrong? I don't usually shout out on Mondays I am! So, like breakfast - the most important meal of the day, Monday is a most important day of the week....survive it and the rest is....still waiting for you but you'll be one day closer to the weekend, right? Have some eye candy to help you survive! I made it special just for you!

It's raining cats and dogs out today (and all weekend for that matter....)  What goes better on a rainy day than a good book?  Resplendence Publishing delivers some sassy, sexy new reads for you to check out!

Best Buds, Dakota Rebel, Resplendence Publishing, March 2012

Roses are red, and white and yellow…

Scarlett’s husband, Scott, buys her roses every Friday night. He has his own code for what each bloom’s color means. Some nights, she’s in for romance; some nights it’s bondage. But this Friday, Scarlett comes home to find a new color of flower sitting on her table. Yellow. The color of friendship.  When she arrives at dinner to find their friend, Daniel, has decided to join them in their weekly adventures, she’s nervous but excited at what the evening has in store for her.

Another super short story but one that piques the reader's interest from the start.  What girl doesn't like roses? What woman doesn't want the blush of first romance to live long past the early wedding days? Scott and Scarlett are a couple who have managed to improve their sexual relationship with a most interesting form of communication.  Different roses to signify different sexual moods - and the new color yellow means things are going to a whole new level.

I appreciated the realistic quality of Scarlett's emotional battle.  Upon realizing what lay in store for her as she spies her husband and his best friend seated at the table on their date night, her initial reaction is shock. Fear sends her to the bathroom in a fit of complete anxiety - for most women, taking another man to bed is tantamount to cheating, even if it's sanctioned and especially if it's not pre-planned.  Dakota Rebel, however, has a way of crafting characters and storylines that both enflame and soothe the sensibilities of her readers - encouraging  them to think outside the box, color outside the lines and appreciate the sensual stories she creates.  All in all very well done Ms. Rebel!

I give Best Buds 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.

Vampire's Brat, Cheryl Dragon, Resplendence Publishing, April 2012
 A plus-size woman with a big mouth and power over the dead can’t fall for an old-fashioned vampire who loves curves. But when an evil vamp is out there killing humans, she’ll take all the help she can get. From lavish New Orleans costume parties to the bayou swamps, she won’t stop until one vamp is dust and the other is under her spell because there’s no way she’ll fall under his!

Cheryl Dragon has a reputation for creating highly sensual, erotic romances.  They range from thrill ride adventures to out of this world excitement.  One common thing they have, regardless of whether she's writing menage, paranormal, BDSM or straight up erotica: Chemistry, plain and simple.  Her characters always have this palpable, tangible chemistry - a little naughty, a little sassy, never predictable and always enjoyable.

Kitty is a heroine a real girl can adore - she's smart but doesn't flaunt it, sexy but doesn't know it and unbelievably powerful as a necromancer in a city known for voodoo and vampires. Christian is a powerful vampire who, working in conjunction with Kitty, has created a place for the local vamps and vamp curious can party and indulge safely - reducing unseemly and inappropriate human deaths. Apparently not every vamp agrees and the pair join forces to seek him out before more killings can occur. Unfortunately for Christian, the long held desires he has for the very human, very alive Kitty are nearly killing him! Their encounters are witty and fun and watching the two toe dance around their mutual attraction is like watching Dancing with the Stars - just plain fun. When those two finally connect, it's straight 10's across the board - even with the threat of imminent death!

For such a short story, this piece carries a pretty big punch! I love a novella that feels longer than it really is. Well written, tight plot, great characters and sex to make a reader see stars!

I give Vampire's Brat a five chocolate dipped strawberries.

Both Best Buds and Vampire's Brat were provided by the publisher, Resplendence Publishing for unbiased reviews, Many Thanks.

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