Monday, April 23, 2012

Brass Balls - Mia Watts

Brass Balls, Mia Watts, Resplendence Publishing

Handcuffs and Lace Series
Kissing a fellow police officer might not have been the smartest drunken move Oak Takala has made in recent years. Okay, and it might have complicated the issue that the officer in question is his father’s former partner, Wyatt Peterman. Aaaaaand there’s the fact that Peterman is the newly appointed precinct captain.
So what the fuck? Why not go balls to the wall and make a play no one will forget?

This is not only a May/December romance, it is a supervisor/subordinate situation that really couldn't get more complicated. Not only is Wyatt Oak's new Captain at the precinct he is also Oak's dads ex-partner and best friend. Not to mention he is about 16 years older than Oak and has been fighting his attraction to him for the last several years.

Oak has been in love with Wyatt since he was about 16 years old but never thought he had a chance, and when Wyatt is made Captain he became even more unattainable....that is until the beer kicks in!

This is another addition the the Handcuff and Lace series that is so much fun. I love the mini morsels of hot and sexy and always find myself ready for the next one as soon as I finish...kind of like potato is never enough! The only reason that I didn't give this one a 5 was because I felt the ending was a bit rushed and could have used 5-6 more pages to wrap things up neater.

If you like your stories sexy and short then grab this one by the balls and don't let go!

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many thanks.
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