Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kim Dare's The Whole A to Z

Hello one and all. Jenn, Kim and I are back from our tattoo adventure in Richmond. They are both sporting shiny new tattoos and I have once again affirmed that I am to much of a wimp to ever get one myself. We also got in a little shopping at Short Pump which as an added little bonus due to the rain cancelling the soccer games that were scheduled for that day. I got a FABULOUS new purse and I love it! It's nice to be able to get away with the girls even if it is only for an overnight trip.

So this week I am here to tell you all about a few of the A to Z books from Kim Dare! These are erotic little nuggets that are quick and fulfilling.

Melting Mr. Mowburrey, Kim Dare, Resplendence Publishing
Mr. Mowburrey has a reputation on the local BDSM scene as a dominant with pure ice in his veins. He never gets attached to the submissives he plays with, never lets his emotions rule his head.

Tony is a young inexperienced submissive. When he falls for Mr. Mowburrey he knows he doesn’t stand a chance, but he still can’t resist making one last play for him. With the help of a sweet little prop, Tony is going to do his damndest to make Mr. Mowburrey melt.

What would you do if the Dom of your dreams didn't realize you were alive? Make sure he walks in and catches you eating something sinfully erotic.

One of the many things that Kim Dare does so well is the development of her characters in a short period of time. She always leaves you wanting to know more about the people she creates. The sexual tension between Mr. Mowburrey and Tony is palpable. You can't hope but cheer for Tony to melt Mr. Mowburrey's heart and get the relationship he craves. This is a "sweet", sexy read about the beginnings of a D/s relationship that leaves you hoping that these two will get another story. If for no other reason than Tony didn't finish that lolly.

Facing Fitz, Kim Dare, Resplendence Publishing
It took Harvey months to gradually work up the courage to let his friends set him up on a date with Fitz - a dominant he'd been admiring from afar ever since he set foot on the local kinky clubs. But, when their first scene ended in disaster before it even got started, he was very quick to retreat.
Forget going back to the club where he made a fool of himself. Harvey's determined never to leave the house again. Facing Fitz is out of the question.
Fitz, however, has other ideas. Intrigued by what he saw on that first date he's determined to do a real scene with Harvey. Dominant to the core, Fitz has no intention of walking away from a boy he's genuinely interested in without a fight.
Harvey is going to have to get over his embarrassment and face Fitz sooner or later and, with the help of a few friends, Fitz is determined he’ll do that tonight.

After a disastrous first "scene" together Harvey is determined to never see Fitz again. Embarrassed and humiliated he refuses to even go back to the club. When his friend finally talks him into going back for one night it just may be the catalyst that changes everything.

This book explores how to handle a D/s relationship when the sub has a debilitating case of claustrophobia. It explores the psychological aspect of submitting as opposed to the physical. I felt Harvey's fear and frustration, his need to submit and sense of failure that he couldn't. I loved the way that Fitz handled Harvey's phobia and was so caring in the way that he did. This book really brought out the care and understanding that a good Dom must have.

RATING: 4 & 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries respectively.  This book was given to us by Resplendence. Many thanks.
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