Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot as Sin, Bella Andre

Hot as Sin, the second installment in the Hot Shots Series, is a story of second chances and never-ending first love.  Unlike book one with fire ranging all around the characters, this book highlights the skills and rugged strength, both of heart and body, of the fire fighter hero as he fights to help the ones he loves.

Sam Mackenzie has been fighting fires for years now and he has learned to never back down from a fight and allow the fire to win.  But on his days off he struggles to keep his mind off the past and the life he really wanted.  Dianna.  She was his one true love and he still doesn’t understand why she left.  They both were from dysfunctional families and - yes -  their getting engaged when she found out that she was pregnant wasn’t ideal. But surely she knew that he loved her?  So why then when she miscarried did everything fall apart?  He still didn’t know. 

Dianna Kelley still misses Sam dearly but she didn’t trust their relationship.  And she needed to make something of herself.  Now 10 years later she has managed to rescue her sister from the foster care system and make a very nice life for herself, albeit lonely.  That is until it all changes in 24 hours.  While visiting her sister in Vail, CO she is involved in a terrible car accident that makes headlines.  And within hours Sam is standing in her hospital room wanting to know if she is all right.  As if that shock isn’t enough her phone rings and she learns the stunning news that her sister has been abducted.  Surrounded by wild mountains and knowing she is a city girl, she is forced to except help from the man who still holds her heart.  And Sam can’t help but help how ever he can even though being around her again just reminds him of everything he has been missing for so long. 

In true Hot Shot style, Sam is a master at helping her conquer the wild terrain as they race to find her sister.  As their adventure meets one obstacle after another the walls around their hearts begin to come down.  They have to face the past in order to be able to work together in the present and the reasons for being apart seem small compared to the passion between them.  As the sparks fly they both can’t help but be grateful for a second chance at the love that got away.  

Much like the first book in this series, this addition is action packed and full of tender moments where the couple must lean on each other to get through the obstacles in front of them.  It was nice that the couple already had quite a bit of history and made the short length of the story and depth of their emotions more believable.  The new setting added an interesting change and a beautiful backdrop to a touching reunion of sole mates.   This is a story to enjoy again and again.

RATING:  Four chocolate dipped strawberries.

This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

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