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BLOG TOUR: Shades of the Future

Shades of the Future
by Suzanne Lilly

What would you do if you could see your future? Would you accept it or would you change it? 

Mariah Davis loves animals, running, and her hunk of a boyfriend, Kevin Creamer. Everything looks bright for her until the day she finds a pair of sunglasses that allow her to see the future.

When she glimpses a disaster looming, she tries to avoid it but fails. She has a car accident that lands her in a wheelchair, smashing her hopes for a running scholarship to the veterinary program at Ohio State University. She pushes Kevin away, thinking he’ll want to end their relationship now that she can’t walk.

Will she ever learn to trust and love again? She could search for an answer in the sunglasses. But she’s afraid what they reveal might destroy her.

“I guess the hamburger was meant to be, after all,” Hayley said, smiling.
“Yeah. I guess so,” Mariah agreed, and the stone of dread slipped deeper into her belly. Should she skip the party? Was it too late to beg off? Tell Hayley she felt sick or needed to rest before the marathon tomorrow? No way. She would never buy it.
“Do you have everything ready to go for tomorrow morning?” Mariah asked, trying to take her mind off the hamburger.
“I sure do. We’ll have to leave the party around ten o’clock so we can get home early tonight.”
Their meals arrived, and Hayley dug into her fries. “Carb loading, baby. That’s what I love about the day before a marathon.”
“You carb load every day.” Mariah tried to keep up a teasing tone, tried to sound normal and not like an old worrywart. 
“True, but it’s still more fun this way.”
Mariah watched Hayley happily chomp away at her hamburger and fries, wearing the lavender outfit she had seen through the sunglasses the first morning they had them. So far all the visions had come true. Should she tell Hayley about the vision of the ambulance? It might scare her, and there was no need to have both of them scared. She just wouldn’t drive. They’d be safe if Hayley did all the driving.
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Suzanne tells all...

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today! You asked me to share a guilty indulgence. I have so many, it was hard to decide which to write about. But they’re not too sinful, so I decided to share a full day’s worth. Here’s a way to spoil yourself from dawn to dusk. I’ve been known to do this on occasion, when I really needed a break. It’s almost like having a mini vacation at home.
In the morning, begin by getting a pedicure with a foot and leg massage. It’s so relaxing, and you can feel the tension sliding away from you as you soak your feet. Make sure you go to a salon that has the chairs that massage your back. That way you’re getting relaxed from head to toe. Ask for the salt scrub on your feet and legs, and your skin will feel like silk when you’re done.
After the pedicure, you can’t just go home, right? Head over to a tea shop or coffee shop and buy a rich, delicious drink you wouldn’t ordinarily have. Something frothy, with whipped cream and caramel or chocolate on top. On the other hand, a cup of coffee or tea with cream and scones is wonderful too.
Now that your coffee break is done, get in your car and go to your favorite clothing store. Tell yourself you’re only allowed to buy one thing. That way you’ll be sure to buy the thing that makes you the happiest and feels like a treat. Don’t buy something you need, like socks or tennis shoes. Buy something that makes you want to go to a party and flaunt your new item!
If you like massages, go get a hot stone massage. If not, treat yourself to a lunch at a classy restaurant. No burgers and fries today. Sometimes I’ll head to a local historic district for shopping, and for lunch, I’ll have a giant chocolate covered strawberry. I’m telling you these strawberries weigh half a pound!
Afterwards, pick up a new paperback book or gossip rag. Make sure it’s something you don’t have to worry about getting wet, because you’re heading to the pool to float on a cushion. The floating cushion should be a comfortable raft with a cup holder, because you’re going to have a drink with you. Sometimes margaritas hit the spot, sometimes chocolate mudslides do the trick. You need an icy cold drink for the pool. While you read your book and down your drink, enjoy soaking up the sun.
By the time you get out of the sun and shower, it should be close to dinner time. Put on that new outfit you bought today. Order take out Chinese food, and light some candles. Enjoy the dinner and candles with a romantic movie.
After all that, you can officially say you’ve been pampered.

AUTHOR Bio and Links
Suzanne Lilly is a writer at night and a teacher by day, which is why she’s known online as the TeacherWriter. Her articles and stories have appeared in numerous places online and in print. She writes light romance, young adult, and middle grade novels. When not busy with words, she enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, fine arts, and cooking. She lives in California with her family and furry friends and has yet to feel an earthquake.
You can follow her on Twitter as @suzannelilly, visit her blog at, or her author website at

Author website:
Teacher Writer blog:
Fridays at Honey Creek blog:
Follow @SuzanneLilly on Twitter:
Available at Amazon and most online book retailers in digital or paperback.


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