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I guess since I was the first person to post on our blog, it's fitting that I should post the first review for our 2 year anniversary party week. It's hard to believe that two years and a month ago we were at Lora Leigh's RAW and kicking around the idea of doing a blog and then Jenn came up with the name and Rebecca grabbed the bull by the horns and actually made the page come to life.

I have to admit I was a little afraid to do this. What if nobody read it, I mean really...I am just a mother and wife living in Virginia what do other people care about what I read or my thoughts about it. Heck it wasn't that long ago when I would tell people that I was reading a book about vampires and they would look at me like I was crazy and then roll their eyes and ask me why? (obviously this was pre-Twilight) I was also scared to death that I would make a spelling, grammar or punctuation mistake and it would be out there in the world forever and people would laugh. But then I thought about everyone that didn't roll their eyes and would say, "Wow that sounds interesting can I borrow it?", and how much of a kick I would get out of it when they would fall in love with a book I loved as well. So here I am in all my flawed glory, two years later hoping that someone besides Tina likes to read what I write. I love when I find a new series and I can immerse myself in a new world. I think I will have to blame my mother and grandmother for this addiction, because really all book series are, are printed versions of soap operas. Maybe not quite as "You're sleeping with my baby daddy and he is also your brother!" but the familiarity of the characters and the feel that they are real in our minds.

Well if you are a long time follower I hope you have found a book or two or a new author and I haven't bored you too much with my personal life ramblings at the beginning of most of my reviews. If you are new...Welcome and I hope you come back again and again, especially this week cause we have LOTS of prizes and who doesn't like to win something??

Each day this week we will be spotlighting a publisher that has been very generous to us with books and encouragement. We will be posting two reviews each day and you will have the opportunity to win a prize from that publisher! We will also be giving shout out's to certain authors who have been with us since the beginning and without whom there wouldn't now be over 740 blogs posted.

First up is Resplendence Publishing!

Doing the Dean, Mia Watts, Resplendence Publishing
Claybourne College #1
When Griffin Sizemore transferred to Claybourne College, his goal was to finish his doctorate and get out of school. He never expected to fall for his best friend’s sexy dad, especially when that dad turns out to be the Dean of Students. A little daring perseverance shows him that the Dean doesn’t seem so unapproachable. So since when did getting in the Dean’s pants suddenly become a quest to win his heart?
ISBN: 978-1-60735-581-6
CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Male/Male, Claybourne College Series.

LENGTH: Novella  
BUY LINKDoing the Dean

So I have told you of my love for series and I am excited to bring to your attention the first in a new series from Mia Watts. Since I work on a college campus I can tell you that these kinds of relationships happen all of the time. What makes this story so great are the very believable characters that the author has created.

Julian as the older man and Dean of Students knows a relationship with Griffin is wrong and tries not to succumb to his desire for the slightly younger man. But even knowing his job could be at stake Julian can't deny the chemistry between them.

Griffin thought he was too busy working on his doctorate and being an RA to have time for a relationship...especially when that man is his boss, sort of, and his best friends dad. All it took was one look at Julian in baseball pants and Griffin thinks it's worth the risk. But when the risk becomes his degree, what choice will Griffin make?

This was a good read for a couple of reasons, the first being that the relationship developed over time and had a very real feel to it. The second, was there were some serious consequences for both men. The answer in the end wasn't just about loving someone enough or not, but being able to live with the choices each of them made.

The attraction between Julian and Griffin is off the charts hot and I will forever feel a little flush every time I look at a dining room table from now on. Julian's son Tony added some comic relief and brought some needed depth to a story that could have been very one dimensional. If not for several editing errors this one would have been a home run for me, but even with those I am very much looking forward to visiting the Claybourne campus again. This series could almost make me want to go back to school.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by Resplendence. Many thanks.

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