Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Years??? Already???

It's hard to believe that it's been two years ago since we sat around (probably with beverages) and said hey, let's start a blog. And here we are two years later with more books to read and share then we know what to do with. How awesome is that?! What's the best thing about being a member of this super elite group of people? Having a variety of people to introduce you to new things that you never thought about reading before. These people have truly educated me lol. Second, looking forward to the monthly get togethers. No matter what kind of week you had it all disappears when we get together. So thank you for following us and making this thing work. Make sure you take time to register to win all the goodies that we have to give away and for the GRAND prize at the end of the week.Also a shout out (WOOT) to Resplendence for sharing the love. They published this fab book.

After Dark By Kris Norris
Temperance Dunnigan can’t believe she’s agreed to travel to New Orleans to be part of Avery Smith’s special ghost hunting squad—and in the midst of Mardi Gras no less. There isn’t a sane reason to be there…other than Avery. Though she considers him a spoiled, rich kid, his money is her ticket to finally getting some concrete evidence to lay the eternal question of spirits to rest.

Avery didn’t think twice about inviting one of the foremost paranormal investigators to his retreat. After all, Temperance is smart, daring and totally not his type. He’s more than aware of her feelings toward him and embraces the chance to work with someone he has absolutely no interest in…that is until she becomes entrenched in a deadly summoning. Saving her life wasn’t part of the plan, and now he can’t stop his heart from racing every time she looks at him. They’ve got one week to figure it out before all hell breaks loose, and Avery loses more than just his reputation.

So much HOT stuff in this short story! WOW! I chose this book just because it involved ghost hunting in New Orleans and you can never go wrong with those two things and I hit the jackpot. Somebody throw me some beads!! First off I love the leading lady's name. Temperance, how cool is that? I can't help but enjoy a chick that calls them like she sees them. She makes no secret that she thinks Avery is an ass. Just cause a man is an ass doesn't mean he's not hot. Glad she sees the light and comes around. This story also had a little bad guy twist. Always a plus.

I give this story 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and new car for Temperance she deserves it.
Will there be a Blake book? Just ask'n:)
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