Monday, September 23, 2013

The Blog-iversary Continues!!!!!

Hello everyone – oh but to think about my guilty indulgences. To me these are things that we love but want to hide from everyone. The thing that actually makes you feel guilty after you do part take. Today is a great day to think about it because I tend to do more naughty things on the weekend than any other time of the week. Maybe it’s just because I stay too busy during the week to give in. Or… maybe I just know that too many people are watching what I’m doing and that I seem to feel guilty about everything.

Come on you know what I mean. Like you are really busy and know that you should clean the bath room REALLY good because it’s just that dirty but I don’t feel like it so I take a Lysol wipe and just glance over the really obvious spots and run the blue Lysol stuff under the rim of the toilet and pretend that it really does sanitize everything if I let it sit for five minutes and flush!!! That really makes me feel guilty when I go back in and I CAN SEE all the spots that I missed and I swear it smells twice as bad now!! Not bad enough to make me want to stop and do a better job but enough to make me feel guilty. So… then I go in hunt of a Sixlet (it’s Halloween time so you know that they are out at the Dollar Store) or six L - I’m going downhill at this point because I will eat a handful. I just stick them in my pocket while I walk the dog. Yes – see – I’m walking the dog so the chocolate doesn’t really have any calories and I am actually burning calories. I tell myself that I didn’t clean the bathroom because I needed to walk the dog – knowing that I am sooo lying to myself and that I need the Sixlets because MAYBE I am having a sugar low and I don’t want to get dizzy on the walk because that would be horrible. I do say it enough that when I get home I think that I really am having a sugar low and you know the best thing for that is protein. I start to think about the best place to get the protein that I would enjoy J J - and we have all read enough books that talk about how to get that in a quick and enjoyable way. That makes me really smile and snaps me out of my funk until I realize that I don’t have a man to make that happen and just thinking about tall dark and handsome makes me wish it was closer to bed time so I could snuggle in and read about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I am really feeling guilty because I have other chores and it is only 8pm and I want to lock up the house and go to BED!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhh!

OK so now you know me too well. I am totally ruled by guilt, some that make me smile J and some that just nag the poo out of me. Sorry, didn’t mean to get off on a tangent but my mind seems to work in that direction. I love chocolate, food and books but by far my guiltiest indulgence is reading those books that my family and friends wouldn’t approve off. You know the ones you jump on this web page to read about. There is nothing wrong with wanting to read whatever you like and what makes you feel good. I just feel guilty because I don’t want to justify my reading choice to anyone. I love it all – from feel good simple romance to erotica – ménage – M/M or M/M ménage! Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you but I love to read it all. Sometime I do go to bed at 8:30 and read till midnight J or later and that my friend is my indulgence!

Have a great week – skip on cleaning the bathroom all together – jump ahead in a series – it’s all good! Live your life and have fun while you’re doing it!! Smile – Smile – Smile!

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