Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 Years!!!!!

First I would like to thank everyone for helping us make it to 3 years! To all of our family and friends, authors, followers and publishers we wouldn't have made it this long without all of you!

So here we are, three years and over 600 books later(and that doesn't count my re-reads). I guess from that sentence alone you can guess my guiltiest indulgence. I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't love to get lost in the worlds that my favorite authors created.

Yes my biggest guilty indulgence is reading and there are probably some people that would say I spend too much time doing  it but that's what makes it an indulgence. But I have to say that with the invention of the e-reader and e-books my world was expanded even more. There are books that I have read that I wold have never found in my local B&N, there are authors that I never would have discovered without the smaller publishing houses and whole genre's that I would not have even realized existed if not for e-books. I am pretty sure that I couldn't survive without my Nook at this point. LOL

So, thanks All Romance Ebooks (ARE) for helping me discover authors like Cherise Sinclair, and GA Hauser and of course the late William Neal.

Thanks Samhain Publishing for the fabulous Dana Marie Bell and Bianca D'Arc and Shelly Laurenston.

I know my reading was enhanced by Loose Id for bringing me Cameron Dane and Amanda Young.

Dreamspinner Press is home to some of my favorite authors like Amy Lane and Mary Calmes.

And no one ever forget's their first, Ellora's Cave, who brought Lora Leigh and Christine Warren to my attention.

Thanks for all the wonderful reads and the laugh out loud moments and of course the smoking hot sex scenes!

Ok that's all from me, I am off to read!! ( what else would I be doing??)

Then use this list to hop to all the participants!

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