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Porn stars, holy emissaries, demons, and even just plain humans—ninjas come in all forms and from all kinds of Hell in this erotically charged comedic Wilde City anthology! Whether it’s the world of second-rate television, fluttering ninja stars, obsessions over a bronzy-olive toned soldier, or magic backsides, your authorial guides will take you where few readers have ever dared to go…without protection.

You’ll Never Hear Them Coming!

BUTT NINJAS FROM HELL, anthology by authors: Kage Alan, JP Barnaby, Ally Blue, TC Blue, Shae Connor, Jevocas Green, Kiernan Kelly and Eden Winters

1. Clean Up On Aisle Me by Shae Connor

Jonny works as a sales associate in a Halloween store when he sees a ninja appear and disappear, repeatedly. Like a wacky Men in Black tale, complete with hell gates and ninjas trying to stop demons from wreaking havoc, uber geek survives to fight another day

2. Sheathing His Sword by JP Barnaby

Ninja porn. Enough said. Seriously funny, porn versus parental antics. JP Barnaby manages to mix reality and hilarity in this novella.

3. Twink Ninja Tiger, Flaxen Buns Of Fury by Kage Alan

High on a mountain top, ninjas go to train....and make the reader crack up the entire time. At times to0 subtle or complex to completely understand, still too full of snark and humor to not appreciate over all. (seriously, who can't giggle over the author's cleverly created Aligned Ninja Agreement List of Relevant Operating Directives aka A.N.A.L.R.O.D. - now that's just funny!)

4. Twerk It by Ally Blue

I always knew Satan was a woman! Hell hath no fury and all that....Hugo is a demon hunter, tasked with eliminating a demon called L'Loushe. Hell Kitty manages to provide sex-eriously distraction. As with other novellas in this anthology, the humor and writing are well done but this story ran hoo-boy hot!

5. Hell Is Where The Heart Is by Eden Winters

Oh what a tangled web we weave....What's a sixth level demon and son of The Queen to do when he's forced to marry and have little demons of his own? He drowns his sorrows in his lower level demon, slacks off and plays video games... Filled with more humor and hot demon sex, who doesn't love an HEA in Hell?

6. Ninja, Vanish by Kiernan Kelly

Power Rangers meets Faust....sort of. A little campy, a little corny but still entertaining - who wouldn't appreciate a naked man showing up with a special contract? Probably someone who wants to use his powers for good, rather than evil!

7. The Soldier And The Vagabond by Jevocas Green

Homeless boy meets Ninja who saves him twice. Falls for Ninja and becomes his. Spanky goodness for those who partake and very well written, just a bit rushed from start to finish.

8. A Ninja Walks Into A Bar by T.C. Blue

Party boy meets Demon. Sexy and well crafted with seriously butt kicking characters and hard driving dialogue that brings wit and humor across to keep the reader turning each page for more.

Overall, this anthology is everything I've come to expect from Wilde City books - their authors are highly talented, seriously snarky and deliver on smexy M/M delights. Read it for the stories or just the anthology title - you won't be disappointed.

RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries! This book was given to us by the publisher for an unbiased review. Many thanks.

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