Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm All About the Books

It’s Thursday which means you get to meet me.  Lucky you!  I'm Rebecca and I am a multi-tasking mother of three boys.  I can get the kids ready for school, clean, work part-time, chauffeur kids to practices, do homework, cook and find time to write all in one day.  Most days, I can do this on only several cups of coffee (I worship the Starbucks god). But if you’re reading this and you’re also a mom, I bet you can do most of those things all in one day too!
With so many things to do and so many demands on my time (yes, I’m a PTA mom!) and only so much time in a day, I’ve learned to pick what’s most important to me.  I live by the motto: “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” by one of the all-time greats, Henry David Thoreau.  So, what’s worth my time?
My boys, my family, my home, my girlfriends, my memory albums and my books. 
Living in a highly testosterone driven home explains my need to escape into romance novels!  I’m a romance book connoisseur (some might call this a book-a-holic) so I read any chance I get, even on the sidelines of my sons’ soccer games and in the bleachers at baseball games. 
My nook is another appendage.  It goes wherever I go so I am never without a book.  As an introvert, books are my escape and I love any that take me somewhere new and give me the chance to experience another person’s life journey.  I enjoy a variety of genres depending on my mood and the seasons; but they all frame the basic romance category.  I do read some general fiction (think Wally Lamb) but mostly I gravitate to romance, paranormal, romantica and some urban fantasy.  I’ll also read some young adult series in these genres as well like Richelle Mead, PC Cast and, of course, Stephenie Meyers.  Pretty much, if it has a paranormal creature and a hint of love in the storyline, I’ll read it.  My favorite books come in series because I can immerse myself in their world, getting to know the characters on a deeper level.  I love Jeanienne Frost, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and Lara Adrian who write paranormal romance series.  And I would be remiss not to mention Lora Leigh who introduced me to the breed world, Shelley Laurenston who brought me my first shifter, and Lorelei James who gave me my first ménage (her cowboys are yummy!).
I also recently discovered audio books while driving home from vacation this past summer.  Karen Marie Moning’s highlander series on audio tape is divine.  I am psyched that I can now be “reading” while transporting the boys to their activities.  Now when my husband volunteers on occasion to drive the boys to practices, I decline and let him stay home to cook instead (did I mention I hate cooking?).  I am still waiting for him to figure out why I am always eager to do the driving now… it’s all about the books.
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