Friday, October 22, 2010


Holla! It’s Friday and who isn’t happy about that! A big shout out to Tina for teaching me the word fridaylicious. What a great word! Use it wisely! As usual so much to read and so little time. What to do, what to do? This week we are taking a look at a wonderful author and lady Lora Leigh. Founder of RAW (Reader Appreciation Weekend) and as I mentioned before a wonderful person. Oh the things I could tell you about those weekends! But let’s not go there!
I’ve read several series that Lora Leigh has written and let me tell you I have never been disappointed. Ever! If you’ve never read anything she’s written what are you waiting for? Go to the bookstore already! No woman should go thru life without reading her Breed series... which brings me to my review this week of Lion’s Heat.
The story of Jonas Wyatt, Director of Breed Affairs. The man that everybody loves to hate. Naturally, he’s my favorite character. He’s generally a pain to everyone and disliked by most. He shows little feeling towards anyone and is pretty sure the already pregnant assistant Rachel he just hired is his mate, but has no intention of ever claiming her. She too has no intension of sharing her life with Jonas. As Rachel’s pregnancy progresses Jonas develops a bond with the unborn baby. But when Amber is kidnapped Rachel turns to Jonas to save her daughter. Now Mr. Hard Ass shows his softer side. All bets are off now that someone has dared to harm Rachel and her daughter. Turns out that Amber’s father is willing to sell his own daughter to Brandenmore for experimental purposes. Brandenmore is part of a group set on exposing and exploiting the Breeds. By any means necessary. Which means cruel and unusual experiments. Jonas does rescue Amber but not before Brandenmore has an opportunity to inject her with an unidentifiable substance. Jonas takes Rachel and Amber to Sanctuary. There they run tests and determine that Amber is fine for now but for how long? During this time Rachel sees the softer side of Jonas. How can you resist a man who gets up with a baby during the night to let you sleep. Cause let’s face it, that only happens in books! To add to the already tense issue of Amber’s health Rachel and Jonas end up cornering Brandenmore’s group which consists of none other than Amber’s father Devon. Devon meets his demise and Brandenmore is captured. In the end Jonas and Rachel complete the mating and Jonas takes Amber as his own. But what is actually going on with Amber is still unknown.
This leads right into the next book that Tyra reviewed, Styx’s Storm which deals with finding the key to Amber’s health and Styx finding his happily ever after. I have not read this yet and can’t wait to. It’s on that ever growing pile of books to be read but it’s getting closer! Whatever you do don’t read this series out of order! Tyra will hunt you down!
I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and since this is Lora Leigh we’re talking about let’s double dip those bad boys!
Have a great weekend.  Read on!
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